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    Betula pendula leaves curling and drying

    Hi Gene The location in my profile is incorrect, I moved back to Windhoek matter, the growing conditions are probably the polar opposite of their natural range. I can however guarantee that it's not dried out once since budding, its planted in a very free draining inorganic...
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    Betula pendula leaves curling and drying

    Hi Everybody We had a very early spring and I'm happy because everything survived.......but my Silver Birch doesn't seem to be doing well... The leaves are curling up on themselves and the edges drying out, but it keeps budding. I moved it to a less sunny spot but I also seem to...
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    Bleeding Zelkova

    Hi Everybody I did eventually burn and re-seal the wound.....didn't do much good....3 days later the sap was running again! Anyway, good news is this tree was the first one to bud out, so about 2 more weeks the air layers start going on. That part will be discarded obviously, can't wait...
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    Bougie question

    I just spent the afternoon fighting a hands are stuffed, I hate this species! :-D
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    Acacia xanthophloea Koorsboom Fever Tree

    There's nothing better than the black deadwood against that green bark.......if you'll get that in bonsai culture is another matter..... Hope that one survives, good start. In nature it's a very sparse tree, think that is the main problem
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    Zelkova Seedling: Weird Growth

    Hi Do you have any buds on the trunk that could give you further upward growth? If not maybe get rid of a branch and force (wire, guy wires) the branch vertical. Or trim and leave one as a branch and force the other into position as a trunk... On the other hand, it's a seedling, so any...
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    Lets go airlayer my Japanese Maple!

    Hi I exclusively use the split-pot method, more maintenance in that you have to water the layer, but then you can easily take peek. If there's no new growth, there's likely no roots....
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    Bleeding Zelkova

    Hi Grimmy Thanks, that's something to try before I cut. Funny this - that whitish blob on the close-up is all that's left of the glue, somehow it just never hardened & sealed
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    Ridgeway Trees at Pacific Bonsai Museum

    About the same time I started, a.k.a. yesterday in bonsai terms :D :D Just goes to show what can be done! Well done, lovely trees, thanks for posting :cool:
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    Bleeding Zelkova

    Hi I had the same thought, except for the glue - that I use extensively to seal cuts, better results with than without including Zelkova. Not like I used a magnifying glass, but if they weren't termites, they were little ants..... Here's some pics:
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    Bleeding Zelkova

    Hi Score I would've posted photos if I thought it would help - it's just a leafless tree with a dark brown sap running down the one side..... Unfortunately way too early to start layers or take the middle of Winter here. I'm about 80% sure the termites were wiped out, but...
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    Bleeding Zelkova

    Apologies to those that've seen this question at IBC, no help there, so let's hope some 'Nutter has advice: I bought several trees at a nursery that's closing down, including 2 Zelkova serrata. Choose the thickest 2, and only later noticed all was not well with one of them......few dead...
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    Chinese Elm - from Mallsai

    Hi I like your tree, definitely going the right way. Elms are tough, if you could put it in a bigger pot for a while and build up the tree's strength, you could go nuts and fix the roots pretty quickly. I recently had to get the last bit of an Elm out of a nursery bag and into a pot to...
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    Half Life

    Good question, why wire and not bend.....
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    Help with Zelkova (bugs, soil, repotting)

    Hi Fysal I live in an extremely dry climate, and my Zelkova air layers (removed this past season) flourished in a 100% inorganic growing medium - something gathered, not commercial so I'll spare you the details. All the air layers seem happier and grow better than the donor plant still in...
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