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    Show us your Larix (larch)

    European Larch RoR and a J. Larch Forest.
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    Japanese Larch Shohin?

    Yes couldn’t agree more..... a decent shallow rectangular or oval perhaps. As one can see from the ugly “cage” I am trying to encourage root growth on the lower section of the stone (Rock) it’s perched on. The upper roots are starting to hide the Stone well.
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    Japanese Larch Shohin?

    After a little trim.......
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    Japanese Larch Shohin?

    Some pinching in its future.
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    Hope this one lives.....

    This one is the oldest project of (Yamadori) Shore Pine in the yard. It’s slowly coming along. Has some great back budding on many branches. As with many Yamadori trees, the root system is definitely not traditional, so I’ve tried to make it complementary to the environment where I collected it.
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    Thoughts on Collecting in Early Spring vs. Late Summer

    Location, location, location…..Up here in the PNW 50th parallel I’ve collected mostly from late August to early October with great success. I do nothing to the root ball… place it into a grow box (with pure pumice) or a raised vegetable garden bed (has a lot of used bonsai soil) and leave them...
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    Japanese Larch cones

    My Forest did the same thing this spring (10 year old club misfits), put together spring 2021. My older European Larch does that once in while. Although it can be attractive to some…..I thin most out but leave a couple….. these trees are still in the development stage and I need vegetative...
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    Which part lol........I use sifted perlite....getting rid of pieces over 1/4” and less than 1/16”. SeaSoil is a local product that is a mixture of decomposed conifer bark and decomposed fishfarm waste. Generally in the lower layers of a pot I put more perlite than the SeaSoil and Pumice...
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    Larch Collection - First Repot & Wiring

    If I may, Your wiring techniques need to improve. Find a bald branch and practice on it while reading and watching videos on basic wiring. You need a minimum of two wraps (say along the trunk) before the branch you are wiring, support the wire along the branch with finger ps, learn whether the...
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    As I’ve grown older and lost the strength I once had.....I have used shifted perlite (<1/16th and >1/4” out, along with SeaSoil and Pumice) in the lower layers on all my larger trees......with decent results.
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    Thanks Mike, The native sedum had shallow roots and its habit of rooting from any part touching the soil allows it to spread quickly. No “ferns” but the variegated plant had much deeper roots. No companion plants from here on in. Hard to believe it’s been 14 years since it was rescued.
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    Spring Update, Even though it’s ramification was improving I wanted to explore the roots and perhaps lift the entire piece higher in profile. While exploring the condition of the roots the limestone piece broke into pieces so I removed them only to find that the condition of the roots were not...
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    Question on douglas fir needle life cycle and ferts

    The needles look blunt on the ends and looks more like a balsam?
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    Hope this one lives.....

    This one is coming along…. Out of the plastic pot into a Sam Miller round…, weird rootball on this one too...that’s one disadvantage about Yamadori and their sometimes unfavourable roots. Still needs the supports.
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    Osmocote plus

    Hello from up Island. Used it for trees in development with really good results. The prills are temperature and moisture sensitive so effects will differ from place to place. Going with organics for more refined trees.
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