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  • Will,
    Wow ye sit has been a while, and yes I would very much own that book autographed. Please refresh my memory onto how. I took a journey against one of the greatest demons of all times and managed to defeat the bastard. As of the 8th of Dec, it has been 22 months since I had a cigarette :) 2010 was a Ruth year for Ruth and I.

    BTW, that Scots Pine is coming along quite nicely. Last spring the root base was reduced and it went from the nursery container into a grow box. The needles are reducing nicely and back budding is profuse :) Yup! I have a winner and it will be a success. :):):)

    All the best my friend not opened yet, and edited to death to enable me to get a merchant account. But an indication of what I have been up to.

    Hay you old fart. Somehow I lost your e-mail address when I changed pooters. If you still have mine can you send it to me. If you don't want me to have it I'll understand. I'll just get it from Vic

    Later ,

    Both my parents went to the doctor this morning, Don has a sinus infection, and my Mom had her wrist x-rayed. So they are not coming down for Christmas, but I feel like I should go up there this weekend and see if they need anything.

    I'll talk to Kathy about it and work out a plan, I think we are also supposed to take my daughter/son-in-law to the airport so it's a little tricky. Are you going to be around this weekend or are you headed off some place for the holidays? I (or we) can stop on the way up or back. I'm really getting anxious to see that pine and your others!
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