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    Field grown nursery scots 7 years later - need thoughts on health

    I put a 3 year old little nursery scots in the ground at my old house 7 years ago (so yes that means it's 10 years old). My kids nicked it a few times with the lawnmower so it has a barkless scar at its base. We moved 5 years ago in October and I transplanted it ground-to-ground to the current...
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    Open to suggestions on this abused Juniper

    Semi-cascade. That style jumped right out at me.
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    Preparing to pull a field grown Scots - need advice

    Neither. This is a seedling grown from a local nursery. Here are some current pics. Man is it ever hard to properly capture trees in photos! When I chopped and wired, I drove a metal stake in the ground and used it to create some bend in the main trunk. I wired the branches for wiggle and to...
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    Preparing to pull a field grown Scots - need advice

    I have a Scots pine that I purchased at a local nursery as a 3-5 year old seedling about 4 years ago. It went directly into the ground at my old house, stayed there for a year, and when we moved it came with me - transplanted ground-to-ground in October (I didn't have any choice). It took a...
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    Random Questions...

    I have a spare copy of Colin Lewis' "Bonsai Survival Manual" that you can have if you pay for shipping. PM me if interested.
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    Nursery Juniper first styling?

    Sorce - I believe the original comment was to remove downward "facing" foliage. To be fair, you can do a lot of that and not have to remove any branches. I agree with your overall philosophy though.
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    Wiring a guy line collar (picea)

    I noticed an interesting wiring detail on another thread and thought I'd share my technique for creating a guy line anchor point on a trunk. In this case I'm attempting to put a gradual trunk bend on a tall picea. I was able to use a tubing protected wire collar at the base with no danger of...
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    Japanese quince in the ground in Zone 4b?

    I'm having a fun time reading about Japanese bonsai technique for flowering quince in old (1950s-70s era) guidebooks. They have such a perfunctory and methodical approach: "In Japan, flowering quince are grown in ground for two years to develop a large stem, root-pruned to encourage rooting...
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    Larch first styling

    I can't speak for others, and I'm really just a newbie myself. Personally I have an artistic talent, so hand sketches are easy for me. It's a great way to try out different ideas. I use a roll of trace paper, which also works nicely if you want to take a photo of a tree and sketch over it. As...
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    Larch first styling

    I was thinking the same thing. It's not going to hurt anything to let it leaf out this season and make a judgement later. Thanks on the virt. Photoshop is fun.
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    Happy buds!

    I'm not prepared to get too cocky about it but it is encouraging.
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    Happy buds!

    Any idea how long the death might take? I tented right after posting - it's been almost a month and not only is there no turgidity or dessication yet. In fact, there has been an explosion of more growth.
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    Larch first styling

    I wasn't smart enough to make sure I had a "before" image of this, sorry. I got this guy last spring and made a sketch in June. The seller suggested to chop it way low and grow it out, but I kept this sketch at my desk and looked at it for a few months (as well as looking at the tree). I...
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    Happy buds!

    What a bummer brigade. Thanks for the input. I will try a tent but am resigned to watch my trig wither and die. BAH HUMBUG!! :)
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