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    Carpinus shohin display

    The only comment I would make is that the picture is a bit dark, but otherwise everything looks very nice. It's work like this that gives me something to strive for. :) Denise
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    Cork Elm Plans

    About how long did it take for the roots to develop ? I have been waiting for mine , and can't decide if I did something wrong or if I am too impatient. Probably the latter.
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    Where to look?

    I'm in St Helens. FYI... The mountain isn't here. It's just the town's name. The mountain is over the border in WA.
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    Where to look?

    Thanks for the great link, and the great ideas! Yeah, I'm a newbie here in Oregon, as well as to bonsai so a club is definitely a good idea. I need a sensei so he/she can look at my bonsai and say "what the heck is this crap" :D and point out everything wrong with it that the books don't...
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    Where to look?

    Anyone have any suggestions on where to go when looking for bonsai in the wild? All my backyard seems to be able to grow is lots and lots of blackberries :mad:
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    Weeping willow question

    Hello, I just thought I'd introduce myself since i'm pretty new to the community. I'm mostly a lurker but you may see me pop up and ask something now and again. I've been having a great time reading all your posts and looking at all the pictures. I hope someday my bonsai will be as nice...
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