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    Frustrated with bonsai ability

    I'm in the same boat as you with not having any clubs close and I also did all my learning through boock and internet. I also do the same thing with pictures of trees I like but when I save a picture, I then break down why I like the tree and why parts work or don't work. That has helping me...
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    What is This??

    Any tree can be a bonsai. But good ones resemble a full grow tree.
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    cork bark elm cutting rooted since January

    Your elm cutting will basically grow upward untill you tell it to stop. The tree is teying to grow as tall as it can becaise it wants to be a full size tree. So when you prune back, it activates the buds and the base of the leaves. Then you will have branches there. Hope that helps :)
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    Acer Pal. acquisition

    aww I liked it better before. :) It had a very natural look but it still is an amazing tree.
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