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    Christmas Choppy Chop

    Additional pictures very helpful. Regardless of the overall height of your finished tree, there is inverse taper at the present trunk top. Should it be mine, I would cut off heavy top before buds push for spring. Looking at second picture, I would do this immediately below the two strongest...
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    Christmas Choppy Chop

    MHBonsai is on the general idea I presented earlier. One further consideration, which will help determine the ideal chop location is the ultimate flow, or direction of the finished tree. With the diagram given above, the flow/direction is declared to the right, and reinforces the need for the...
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    Christmas Choppy Chop

    As I favor a smaller tree, I would keep the lowest branch. It is in perfect position, at the outside of the first turn. I would favor removing several of the multiple shoots at this location that go straight up.
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    Christmas Choppy Chop

    This is great material. Whoever started this tree did a very nice job. The movement and taper in the lower 3/5th of the tree are excellent for the making of a small tree. I see the finished tree with a height just a bit less than it is now. To add aesthetic value to this tree, one might...
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    Lime sulfur winter spray, how do you do it?

    Fall has come, winter around the corner. All leaves off deciduous trees. About that time for dormant winter spray. I have chosen lime sulfur, which is hard to get these days. My intent is disease control, particularly trying to limit spring/summer I went with 40:1 water:lime sulfur (29%...
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    Nice fall color on my larch

    Beautiful tree, beautiful color. Please update us in spring, tender green spring larch grow is beautiful too!
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    Bark peeling on maple?

    This tree is in the ground? Could have been injured by an animal? Would think it best to tease back the curled up bark on edges to find green (live) cambium. Next, I would make a clean cut all away around the wound, to live cambium and fill in hole with liquid cut paste. This process may be...
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    What is the best organic mix for maples?

    What do you mean by organic? Containing conventional soil and or organic plant material such as roots, leaves and the like? A discussion of soil composition is highly controversial, many strong opinions out there. One school of thought is the 'Boon mix', which is roughly equal parts akadama...
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    Cornus Mas? What to do?

    You have a very nice tree here. The hard and time consumptive work is done. Nice trunk, taper, root spread. Now to finish the tree! If it were mine, I would be inclined to take a couple big steps back. For the moment, forget about the species. Just consider you are considering finishing off...
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    Juniper restyling

    Little juniper may present a bit better out in the garden.
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    Juniper restyling

    Update on this little juniper
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    Midwest Bonsai Society, 43rd Annual Show - August 21-22

    CasAH, Who is the potter you showed in first image in the third post today? Several nice pots there!
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    Repot and air layer at the same time?

    That’s a nice tree. To make the best of it, you will likely need to ground layer it. Your root base is not so hot. However, I would not do that first. The tree needs a hard cut back, to major branches and leader. Instead of throwing that all away, airlayer all the branches off first (year one)...
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    The 2010 BonsaiNut Maple Project

    Gotcha, I understand a joke. Brian, if this is a tree you want to move, would be happy to discuss.
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    The 2010 BonsaiNut Maple Project

    This is a VERY nice trident. Any reasonable offer would have a comma in it.
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