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    2 year progression of a Field Maple

    You have done a nice job with this tree. Would you consider shortening? About 3/4 way up tree there is a forward going branch which could be new leader, provide more taper? Middle half of tree has limited taper. What do you think?
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    Concave Cutter Advice

    Here are some examples of my juniper after branches removed. Others may have different experiences. However, I would say (in general terms) mature juniper have twists, turns, Jin and shari. There are reasons for this. One of which is that branches removed flush with the trunk often don’t heal...
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    English Elm

    This is a way cool tree. Control the moss. Ready for a show pot.
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    Concave Cutter Advice

    Juniper almost never heal a wound like that. I didn't know this myself earlier, but have been told this, and didn't want to believe it. In my experience, I have not gotten juniper to heal such wounds. Rather, the branch to be removed is more often left longer and jin made. At some later...
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    Which side do you think should be the front??

    Yugen, You are correct, removing second trunk leaves tree a bit sparse at base. Tree style would be more literati. Branches would be best lightened up and brought down.
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    Shohin Deshojo

    To get to your inspiration tree, you will to do several things. Trunk thickness and taper needs to be increased. This is done by leaving one/two sacrifice branches which are let to grow freely all year. You want them to grow several feet tall or more. In so doing, you need to remember these...
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    RMJ first styling with Mauro Stemberger

    Very nice tree. Great pot. Wonderful composition.
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    Which side do you think should be the front??

    I like front one. If it were mine, I would use front one, take off second trunk ( leave some jin) and rotate a bit to the right, lean a bit more forward and lighten foliage on the right (this tree wants to move to the left). Reason to loose second trunk (I very much like double trunks) is that...
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    Bonsai Tonight post on akadama and soil mixtures

    "Good fresh soil" is subjective. What is good? The point of the discussion is this very question. Particularly with a conifer, complete bare rooting is risky. Taking all the soil out of the root ball in one go is stressful to the tree. The impacted soil deep in the root ball limits new...
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    Another great tree. Could you post just one derelict tree sometime?
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    Bonsai Tonight post on akadama and soil mixtures

    The soil discussion will generally be vigorous, with varied strong opinions. It’s a bit like arguing over religion. Most are born into their religion, some convert others are agnostic. Is there a clear winner, or best religion? Regarding my soil journey, I’ve tried lots of things. Some cheap...
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    Air layer & planting on a board?

    Here are some quick sketches of what I described above. Of course, this assumes the new layer trunk can accept a screw, maybe 3/4” or more.
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    Air layer & planting on a board?

    Yes, you can take an air layer and go directly to a board. The newly established roots are soft, and don't provide any reasonable root ball to secure your tree into the pot. When you separate your layer, screw through the board into the cut trunk base, securing it flat to the board. Now your...
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    Larch problem...need advice please

    Likely branch or root damage during collection. Rest of tree looks strong. There is not anything you can "correct" at this point. I might discourage digging, or looking at roots. Looks well potted now in good soil, disrupting roots might be asking for more trouble?
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    Crazy Ramification - Mature Beech

    That’s crazy town. Where is that, may I ask? Never seen anything at that scale before.
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