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    European Spruce #55

    Amazing great work. Really feel like I’m in the forest. How many years has this been together? The development of the whole looks great.
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    Bonsai Auction/99 Cent Bonsai Shadiness - and a better alternative!

    What you fail to remember is that Ben Griffin founded BA. A few years ago there was a middle of the night overthrow (this can be proven easily and is widely known) where the other admins ousted Ben from the site he created. He then started ‘Bonsai Auctions’ for the second time. At that point the...
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    Looking to buy trident maple he willstart shipping soon and will post a coupon to people that sign up for his newsletter
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    Do you have plans to improve your Bonsai Garden (display area) in 2018?

    I plan to level out my garden, add some stepping stones and add shade cloth. Most of my decisions got burnt last year. Also want to add a new bench with an upper layer for my good stuff. :).
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    KaedeBonsai-En Seedling Sale

    Yes matt has some great stuff. .I have many trees and pots from him. He's amazing at shipping also.
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    Inventory Reduction Sale & Penny Start Auctions

    Any Japanese beech?
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    Seller's Responsibility

    If you show pictures of the trees we may be able to help you out. Your giving no details on the species, type of care, etc. Unless you are trying to protect a seller from here let less see the trees and some details. Watering routine , sun exposure, any work you've done to them. Ferts...
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    Trident. Lazy man fusion.

    Can't wait to see how this works out. Good luck.
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    JBP damage repair.... and a candle question.

    No organics just ferts
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    All my trees.

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    Fall Contest 2016... An Honest Balance!

    Mugo pine on the left $9.99 managers special. Originally $29.99. As deep as I could get for the nibari due to circling roots. Back you can see the reverse taper that I hid with the Jin in the front. Front Sorce allowed us to edit photos just no apps so use my hand to block sacrifice branch...
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    New JWP turning completely brown?

    @Bonsai Nut I agree but was wondering maybe the seller is buying trees marking them up and shipping to others. I wanted to look him up and see what he has and see if I can find it else where. That many says in shipping is not good but can still be saved that's why I added this: For future...
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    New JWP turning completely brown?

    That things dead. Sorry for your lesson. For future you should always buy cheap material to learn how to care for it before dropping such a large sum on money. Can we get a seller name for a warning.
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    Crazy Collected Thuja

    I really like the sketch and where you plan to take this. The dead wood makes it look like a knife of something going thou the tree
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    What's the best online bonsai supply site? Bought from this guy. And must say he's awesome. Great beginners wire kit also.
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