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    No problem - I do it all the time. Larch are one of the better ones when it comes to "accepting" being wired.
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    Thinning for fast growth

    Have you got a link to his post?
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    Bonsai on int'l flight

    They ship Chinese elms from China to Europe all the time - they are in the dark for 30-35 days...they just lose leaves and regrow them again. That's yet another reason they are used as bonsai. Where are you going?
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    Hi Katie - I can't import into the US, sorry.

    Hi Katie - I can't import into the US, sorry.
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    The Shohin Tree Thread

    Prunus Cerasifera - from cutting. IMG_8756 by Jerry Norbury, on Flickr
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    New cultivar?

    @peterbone has one like yours...
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    New cultivar?

    I've seen others with this kind of leaf. I even had this one growing last year. IMG_1964 by Jerry Norbury, on Flickr
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    Do you have a least favorite species that you still own

    Least favourite - Celtis. Chinese celtis - I think I've had 4 or 5 even and all they do, from the day you get them, is slowly die. I now have the cuttings of the last one. They are ALSO slowly dying.
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    Where to buy chojubai?

    And the damned things are so easy to propagate from cuttings...
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    Show me your backyard set up!

    If I lived nearby I would not be able to stop myself coming there and sorting that out. It would be beyond my self control - I'm sorry.
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    What's the ideal number of trees?

    You need so many that you can't accurately count them so that when one dies it has no effect on the total.
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    When to become concerned?

    It gives me a good reason to pick them up, rotate them and move them to another spot. Making "another spot" first is also a task.
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    When to become concerned?

    I have no idea what you are talking about. IMG_7897 by Jerry Norbury, on Flickr
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    Deciduous trees not being very deciduousey?

    Chinese elms don't even need dormancy - they just keep going as long as there's enough light. Mine grow new leaves regular as clockwork in spring, regardless of whether they still have leaves or were completely bald.
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