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  • awwww Jim... don't do that. It's a simple answer really. I saw your response when I was too busy to respond at the time, and then I forgot. Nothing complicated or intentional... I would hope you wouldn't just stop talking. Sometimes my cage just needs to be rattled a bit, I have a lot of competing interests for my time, but I am always happy to help. I am very sorry to have neglected our conversation, I hope you'll change your mind so we can continue it.

    Jim... I am delighted to be of help to you... I think you need to tell me what size and type of greenhouse you have though... and more importantly, what you are planning for it to protect this winter. :)

    I enjoy you as well... Victrinia
    Well I havent heard from you in awhile. Hows things? I am wondering if you might give me a suggestion about what type of heater I will need this winter in my small 6 by 10 greenhouse. I have about 125 young blueberry plants that I would like to keep growing through the winter to sell next summer. I have never had a greenhouse and my family thinks I will overheat the plants. I have heard about using a heat bulb. I dont know what to get. i only know it is supposed to get in the 30's this weekend. I would appreciate some advice. Thank you.
    What area are you in btw? I can't recall... forgive me for that... also as to the pine seeds... they won't care much what you start them in as long as it's moist. So while I am not sure what woods soil is, as long as there isn't too much resistance in the soil consistancy, you'll be fine. Also as a tip... when you are growing them for bonsai, when the sprouts are a couple inches tall, you gently get them out of the dirt, cut the bottom half of the tap root, and tuck it back into the soil. It'll make the roots radiate rather than just go down.
    My bougie is blooming like a fiend right now... it's wonderful... of course it's a monster, so it tends to do well anyway. I'm hoping to overwinter it in a heated greenhouse this year that we just built at work. :eek:) I have no doubt the satsuki's are rooting quite well in peat moss... you'll have to post about them later. People are ever in need of more examples of successful propogation. - Victrinia
    Jim.... Sorry I didn't respond to this sooner, I had no idea I had a visitor comment from you. Unless you live in a tropical area, like Florida... planting out your bougie is not an option. The best thing to do is plant them in a oversized pot, and make sure they get as much outdoor time as possible when the weather is right. I keep mine in the winter in a well lit room with a flourescent light on it that is on most all the time. Feed it occasionally even in winter, because it'll be actively growing in winter if it's indoors. If you wire anything, be mindful of it. It doesn't take long to bite when the tree is growing all the time.

    My experiance with bougies is that they tend to look most splendid in blue pots... I have one in a robin's egg blue... I've always enjoyed them in pots which have blue drippy glazes. The typical deep blue often seen on inexpensive chinese pots is not what I have in mind. ;o)

    Thank you for the kind remarks about my photography... I love to shoot photographs.

    Kindest regards,

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