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    Satsuki Bonsai book by Janine Droste

    I've just bought the book and got it in the mail this week. I can say that it's definatly worth it's price. chapter 1: as usual style explanation. chapter 2: general care instructions. chapter 3: amazing galarie chapter 4: month to month care guide. chapter 5: in depth style...
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    5 Point Leaf Maple

    btw acer palmatum 'Osakazuki' also has 5 pointed leaves and they reduce quite good with some time/technique/patience. greets jonathan.
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    5 Point Leaf Maple

    they can be reduced to some extend but not nearly as much as tridents but then again same applies to japanese maples. happy hunting.
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    New Front for this Shimpaku

    New front definatly looks a lot better compared to the old one as for the more natural style I think it's already good on it's way getting there some slight thinning (probaly wouldn't make seperate foliage pads but go for a more general appearance like it more or less is now) other than that...
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    Pumice vs lava rock.

    pumice is frequently used as a replacement / addition to lava rock. pumice has an average porosity of 90% and has a tendancy to increase PH values (prob minimal effect on small scale use in bonsai). lava has an average porosity of 70-90% (depending a bit on type and size) and is listed as...
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    discussion of growth rate thread

    here we can vent our thoughts, info and improvements about the growth rate thread :) this way the thread can stay purely informative link to G.R. thread:
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    growth rates

    hi peeps? this might prove to become a very valuable thread if we work a bit together ;). Anyways been reading a lot lately and browsing a lot on internet yet i never seem to find any specifics on growth rates for trees (and believe me i know it can be situational but this is more to get a...
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    Suggestions for this pot

    semi cascade or cascade seems indeed fit for this kind of pot. As for plant material pines go well with this kind of color or Acer griseum (red barked maple) or a reddisch bark typed prunus. greets jona.
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    2 Satsuki from Raw Stock

    nice plants shohin kid Got bout 4 of those aswell in my backyard (which is way to small because of all the plants atm) anyways of the for i have 3 got the same treament as yours bout 4-6 weeks ago and they start backbudding amazingly (gotta love that bout satsuki's;) ). The 4th one got...
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    So you want to be a Professional?

    some very nice trees indeed (if i ever get 1 close to the level of those peeps i'll be a happy boy). None the less i think it's quite hard to judge those kind of trees because of the high standards/levels.
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    satsuki (unknown variety)

    don't mind the quality but made a fast virtual of where I more or less wanna go to with this tree. greets jona.
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    Unsatisfied with my club

    Depending on the skill level / friends at your current club and the availability of other clubs in the vicinity and actual dates when you meet, I would enlist in a 2nd/3rd club. My current club is my old one I used to be in (before my study break) but now I'm seriously considering enlisting...
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    Azaelea, what do i do now?

    check this link from Bonhe some great info on general care with a timetable (would stick with that table seeing my climate conditions are a lot different from yours). greets jona.
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    satsuki (unknown variety)

    thanks a lot glider that's almost a perfect match on pink ones if nikko has white ones with a bit of pink stripes aswell then it's definatly that one :) greets jona and thanks again :)
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    satsuki (unknown variety)

    links to original size pictures :) greets jona.
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