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    Chewed trunk

    Early spring and late fall will be there worst times , they trying to find stuff to eat They’ve been destroying my yard for years pines and junipers they don’t touch , so all ohers they will destroy I took baby netting for a outdoor crib and covered some it worked but I use the high powered...
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    This @#$% won't end

    Was 79 here yesterday , freeze warning tonight 39 today ?
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    Ebihara maples

    Ah yes I do recall that ,thanks , has been a while , good lookin out , I like your new inline fert system as well !
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    Ebihara maples

    Interesting ! This is the first I believe I have seen , that a killer maple !
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    Ebihara maples

    Nice ! Is that big wedge cut in photo 8 of your last quote left to help heal over the scar or something ?
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    Cork bark inverse taper

    Or don’t let it get that bad
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    Cork bark inverse taper

    ive Had no problems pulling moss off with no vinegar , just be careful don’t be tearing the shit off like a mad man
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    What ever happened to Peter Tea and John Geanangel?

    Zuckerburgs a lizard and toms not your friend !
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    Cork bark inverse taper

    Read page one again , and there’s no moss to remove .......yet
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    Grafted Kishu shimpaku clump

    Man this ones thick !!!Tis the season , I’m going to try and finish up this weekend and take some good photos when it’s finished , this ones for Stacy , no I won’t lop off the top of the tallest trunk , it’s there for a reason lol
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    New RMJ 2018

    Fantastic ! A wonderful addition to an already fantastic garden I’m sure
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    A great bonsai club

    I left the local club along with a hand full of others because the older crowd would just argue and bitch at every event/meeting/workshop .... it was only the old guys All of the younger crowd were passionate, eager to accell/learn , good work ethic , enthusiastic Kind of sad they offered no...
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    Is this a Shimpaku?

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    Is this a Shimpaku?

    Yes here is one of mine
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    Is this a Shimpaku?

    Does resemble prostrata
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