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    Port Jackson Fig

    Im located in Australia, South east qld, about 3-4 hours north of Brisbane depending on how you drive haah All my bonsai live outside :D and yes i am being very careful with how much water it gets as the larger pot will hold more water
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    Port Jackson Fig

    Put it into this pot and chopped the roots back hard to remove some big ugly tuber roots so it should sprout lots of roots from where the cuts are and on the main trunk as i buried it lower in the pot now just gonna wait a while
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    Root-over-rock Trident Maples

    Any updates on these awesome trees ?
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    Port Jackson Fig

    Hey all, this is the first tree i got when i started bonsai and its grown a bit in the short time ive had it I plan to repot it into a Big terracotta pot this weekend and let it grow for a year then maybe chop both trunks down and try and create some sort of banyan style tree Any advice...
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