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    Don't Throw Away Anything

    Very impressive indeed!!!
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    California juniper

    Beautyfull tree, a real eye catcher...
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    Escallonia re-style...

    Thank you both for your kind words, I'll keep you updated...
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    Escallonia re-style...

    Hello all, This is an Escallonia I have had for about two years, when i had it it was just a ball of leaves on a trunk. Anyway! I decided to leave it grow, and see what i could make of it, so tonight armed with tools i opened up the tree to reveal the trunk and give it some shape... I am...
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    Suthin Shimp

    I like that tree very much, well done..
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    Majestic jbp

    I like the design on this tree, an eye catcher!
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    Juniper I have been working on.

    Thank you Vance for your kind words of encouragment I do really appriecate them... I will work on the secondary branching. Many thanks again Lance.
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    Juniper I have been working on.

    Hello all, This is a Juniper I have been working on, when I had it, it was a big bush like shape and hadn't been well looked after, so I styles it, given a jin with shari... many thanks Lance..
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    Hello all, Has anybody used a Ballast mix to pot their trees in? If so what results did you have? many thanks Lance....
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    Hi All

    Welcome milehigh!! enjoy!
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    Siver Birch:

    Thanks BH! Yes the bark on this species is stunning and always amazes me. This certain tree has rather a good contrast of silver and broken bark to work with so maybe I can give the final piece a knock your socks off look, fingers crossed... lol
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    Sad news for the bonsai community - Saburo Kato has passed away

    He'll be saddley missed! My heart goes out to his family, Lance:
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    lonicera nitida...

    Hi John and good to see you! What a beauty of a tree with beautifull bark features. I like the bi color done with the frost, well nice lol, hey take care, Lance:
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    Siver Birch:

    Thank you Tom for yor reply..
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    Siver Birch:

    Hi all, I collected this silver birch from the mountains, i feel i a few years time with some growing and styling it will make a nice Bonsai. Where the red mark is, thats where i am planing to chop , and take the left shoot as the new leader. Lance..
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