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    Hinoki maddness

    Picked up this tree from Matt Smith in November of 2018. Was bare rooted and put in a Vance inspired grow pot in March of 2019, and styled with Bjorn in August. I'll baby this tree through the winter . I'm pretty excited about its future.
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    New benches

    Nicely done!
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    Species snobbery

    I don't do bonsai for anyone but me. I only buy trees/shrubs that speak to me, and I break the rules all the time. I do tend to sell off what becomes boring, to upgrade the quality of my trees/shrubs. I only keep about 20 bonsai and/or pre bonsai at any one time.
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    Before and after Hinoki styled by Bjorn

    8/17/19 @ the Bonsai Learning Center near Charlotte NC It's a tree I picked up from Matt Smith, so it's a Brussel's tree. I was told it's was a cuttings grown tree and is between 10 - 12 years old. I think it turned out great.
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    Ginkgophiles of the world unite!

    Got this on last year, it was 13" tall. Put it in my grow bed this spring. It's now 27" tall. Going to let it run and thicken.
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    Ginkgo gone wild

    That whole podcast was very informative. Thanks again!
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    Ginkgo gone wild

    Found it, thank you.
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    Will a fungicide kill moss?

    Thank you
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    Ginkgo gone wild

    The tree a good amount of plenty of sun. These pictures were taken in the evening.
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    Will a fungicide kill moss?

    Title says it all. Thanks,
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    Ginkgo gone wild

    That's the plan.
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    Ginkgo gone wild

    Great info, Thank you
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    Ginkgo gone wild

    Thank you
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    Ginkgo gone wild

    So I got this Ginkgo last spring from the Bonsai Learning Center. This spring I put it in one of my grow beds and it's just going crazy. In the first picture you can see the the original trunk and structure which is 13" tall. It's now 27" tall. I had always heard they were slow grower. I'm...
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    Fungus amungus

    I use Biogold on everything. I'm not positive (I can't read japanese) but I think it's 7-7-7.
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