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    A daiza class by an American master

    Thanks Dick for posting your pics (you need to show more :)) I was curious how Sean Smith ended up in the great northwest? Did your club invite him for the class and collecting trip? I would love to figure out how to get some of the suiseki enthusiests around Sacramento and the S.F. Bay area...
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    So Cal/Central Cal Azaleas-Yamano Hikari, Kazan, Eikan and Takasago

    Yep, your summer night temps suck. During the bad heat waves we at least get down to 90-95 at night. I don't know why anyone would want to live in that hellhole called Fresno :o We may not be a hub for azaleas but I think we have quite a few imported and home/nursery grown trees around of...
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    So Cal/Central Cal Azaleas-Yamano Hikari, Kazan, Eikan and Takasago

    Hey Al, did you forget we have an azalea club in Sacramento? They even have a show in May that have some gorgeous blooms/trees all grown in the Sacramento area. Although we usually get colder in the winter I think we are often close to your high temps in the summer. I would try Maruyamas bonsai...
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    Emperor Dwarf Pomegranate

    Brian, I too suffer from the obssesion of collecting certain varieties. I'd love to buy just one or two trees but I usually can't find one of nice enough quality in a price range I'm willing to pay. Decent specimens of rarer trees (like princess persimmon) are few and far between so I end up...
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    Where's best place to get New Zealand Spagnum Moss?

    You might check any local houseplant retailers. We have a nearby store called Exotic Plants that has orchids, lots of indoor plants , different fertalizers (organic especially for indoors) and they do stock New Zealand moss. Worth a little research around your area and maybe a phone call if they...
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    ONE MORE TIME! Yamadori Style Junipers

    You are in rare form tonight, Al. I dearly love your progressions and info-threads. I have got to try this. Damn you, like I need another project tree. You lost me in a couple spots but it's one in the morning after a hard nights work so I'll have to reread this tomorrow when things aren't so...
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    Repotting season almost here!

    Your secret is safe with me :D When is Kazari this year? I'm filling out my calendar for bonsai events and didn't find the dates. M.B.
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    Repotting season almost here!

    Jeesh I'm a total wuss. I've been complaining about the fog and cold with temps averaging between 28 to the low 40's day in and day out for weeks. I can't imagine weather that cold. Guess that's why I live in California. Mary B.
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    Repotting season almost here!

    I thought so but I had to check. I thought you might have discovered a new type of deciduous pyracantha. So it's O.K to defoliate this time of year even after chopping off roots? I always thought this was done early summer when a tree can bounce back and grow smaller leaves. Mary B.
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    Repotting season almost here!

    Hey Al, did you defoliate this pyracantha or did it loose it's leaves for winter? Mary B.
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    River stone

    Hey Al, would you be interested in getting together a small group for a collecting trip? I went on the GSBF trip on the Eel river and had a great time. Also hunted a few hours this summer on Cache Creek but it was 106 that day so everyone thought it best to cut it short. I am part of a small...
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    Tis the night before REBS

    I'll be there Al, to give ya a hug. Car is gassed up. Just got paid today. I'm READY for the REBS road trip! Mary B.
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    Will Heath Disappeared with Robert Steven's Pot

    Really, the pots were not very good sellers? In a post by Will on July 17th 2009 he states 210 were sold and were selling fast. Now was that a lie over a year ago or is the statement you made a lie? I have no idea how much Robert Stevens was getting per pot but even if it was say ten dollars...
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    Will Heath Disappeared with Robert Steven's Pot

    DaveV, it's just human nature to be entertained, facinated, or which ever descriptive word you want to put to it. Look at how many reality shows flood the television networks now. Look how many months O J Simpson or Michael Jackson were constantly mentioned daily in the news. Can you honestly...
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    Chuhin Trident Maple Project - Defoliation and Re-wiring

    Coming along nicely Brian. It should be beautiful in it's fall colors with that pot. Please post a picture in all it's fall glory. Mary B.
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