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  • I'd be honored to do a long-distance mentorship with you, even if the contest doesn't pan out, if you're really up for it. We could go and pick up a "Nana" together via Skype or something?
    Mike! How the hell are you? Can't navigate the site well, but couldn't find a gallery of your trees - it'd be great to see. By my calculation you're heading into winter now - stay warm! I'd send you some tropical heat from here it I could get it in through customs ... Anyway, great to see you're still very active here, and In the top three or so for both posts and likes! Take care. Will
    M. Frary
    M. Frary
    I just now found thus feature Will. Christ! You sent this in October.
    I'm great! You too, I hope.
    I don't have a gallery with my trees.
    I could start one I guess but they aren't as good as other people's trees.
    Thanks for pulling my head in. Obviously I am not well versed in forum etiquette.
    Sorry about your 'lightening post too' - yes I was sceptical and didn't do my homework as my naivety shone thru as we don't get thunderstorms here.
    I hope we can get past this ??
    Welcome to the 10k club!
    M. Frary
    M. Frary
    Didn't even realize.
    I was going to do the 1000th on the train with the tree I got from Vance yesterday.
    Thanks bro!
    Likes: sorce
    I haven't heard from you in quite a while. I hope you are alright. How is the weather treating you and your trees since before Christmas?
    I have the Procumbens Juniper we talked about before the National show. Let me know what date you are going to be here in Oct. I need to know this because the wife and I have talked about taking a trip to Penn. late Sept early Oct. This can be changed if I know what dates we are talking about.
    M. Frary
    M. Frary
    Awesome Vance. My daughter is coming up the last week in September. Could she come to your house and pick it up?
    Drove through mio a few weeks ago to go camping near mcKinley on the Au Sable river. I kept thinking, do I know someone in mio? Haha
    Hey Mike, I saw in an earlier thread that you have collected some elms early spring and I have come across a situation where I have to risk pulling two older elm yamadori out of the ground within the week or they'll be used for mulch and I was wondering if maybe you could give me some much needed pointers to raise my success rate. Thanks a lot and appreciate the advice in advance. -Vin
    M. Frary
    M. Frary
    Not sure. I collect in spring at optimal time. You could try it.
    Hi Mike, I am close to you (Leelanau County) and read that you might be selling some collected yamadori. I am looking for some Tamarack or Hawthorne with good potential. Also looking for a nice pine or two. Let me know if you don't mind.
    Hey Mike: Are you aware of whose' tree that is and where the picture came from. Boy that would drive them crazy!
    Hi Mike: Do you know if our conversations here are private or available to the entire web site? I would assume they are private but I don't know, this is so much different that the old PM's used to be.
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