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  • I was referred to u regarding buy trident maples. Do u have suggestions on where to look? Thanks.
    Sorry to take this long to answer. Think you may have gotten some bad info. I have no info in Tridents. Sorry
    One of the things that really stand out when you design your bonsai style are the selection of the bonsai pots you select to each tree specimen you own. I'm very interested on the Reihou pot style that you used for the Acer Palmatum. I was wondering if you can provide a website or contact person I can reach to have one specially made for a tree I'm trying to design of my own.
    Hi Leon,

    That blue pot is a Reiho from Japan. I purchased that pot when I was in Japan from a vendor at the Taikan-Ten exhibit. These pots or similar are sometimes seen for sale on FaceBook on the Bonsai Auctions page. Otherwise sometimes on EBay. For custom made pots here in the US you can contact Ron Lang or Roy Minarai. Contacts can be found through a simple search on Google.
    Thanks for contact. I will google them now.
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    I have actually looked at your website a couple of times. I saw a chopped trident and a couple other trees that were nice(and in my price range). Anything under 100.00 is what I'm looking for. I know that's not much.
    Hmmm I wonder what tree that was since I don't have any tridents? In any case I will ship to you as soon as I can a Mikawa Japanese maple. They are rare. Although a small tree, it has a nice thick trunk and pretty darn good nebari for the species. I have too many projects and I am happy to donate this tree to you. I hope you enjoy it Ron! I will let you know when it gets shipped.
    Everyone on here is so nice. Thank you for everything. 1702 Caraway Lane Marysville Ohio 43040
    Of course Rob! We are here to support and help each other as much as possible.
    Hi Dennis. Be glad to help out any way I can :) I planted the maples about 2 feet away from each other. The reason you don't need much more is that every year or two I prune back the branches so they stay a small size. This process continues for as long as you have them in the ground. I have not yet tried the tile method but do plan to use it on a couple of my trees next Spring when I do root work on them and see how I like it. The area used to be a flower bed and the soil is very rich and loose. Sounds like your soil would work perfectly :) You can mix in the lava rock if you want but it sounds like you might not need it. The pine bark/mulch is to keep soil moist and give some protection during Winter.

    Definitely air layer so that you don't get stuck later on with trees with ugly graft bumps on the trunk. That's a major aesthetic issue that needs to be addressed. Please let me know if you have any other questions :rolleyes:

    Good morning,

    If you do not mind I have a couple of questions on your grow out garden. I have very limited space as we live in a townhome on the side of a mountain--the drop off out back is significant. I have an estimated 10' x 6' that I can use. I have 8 maples (different species) that I want to put into the ground. Incidentally, they are all grafted.

    How far apart did you plant your maples? Did you use a tile or stone under them? Also, how did you prepare your area? My area has relatively rich soil due to the decomposing leaves over years. I had thought I would work a good deal of lava rock into the area but am not sure. It looked in the your photos that you may have used pine bark.

    Any help you can offer me is most appreciated.

    Thanks and best regards,
    Ron Dennis
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