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    Windswept Italian plum progression

    R.I.P. Sad to see this one go. I really enjoyed the direction this was headed. Didn’t make it past the repotting in March. Should have let it go another year before repotting. These plums are very hardy. I was actually surprised it didn’t make it.
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    Bonsai - Appraisal Help

    Better pictures would help a lot. But I’m leaning toward the last tree, the juniper being the most valuable because of the size of the tree. The trunk is big and size is in proportion and looks good in the pot. Seems like a styling would greatly improve this one. Again, can’t see much without...
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    Bonsai - Appraisal Help

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    New Members

    While I agree with there being a lot of threads that just leave shaking my head. I don’t like the idea of separating either. I just click follow on some members But I’m not quite sure what that does exactly. Also watching specific threads of course can help wade through everything.
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    Flowers 2020

    I really like it too but I don’t know the name. It was here when we moved here but it was buried under 20’ tall forsythia.
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    Flowers 2020

    Purple bee balm, these are amazing flowers. Before they open the buds looks like they are covered in fishnet. So cool.
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    Flowers 2020

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    The New Growth Thread

    beni schichihenge foliage won’t get much bigger then this.
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    Amur Maple Trunk Chop

    Oui oui, she’ll be alright.
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    Satsuki Problem

    Welcome! Doesn’t look like any azalea I’ve ever seen. Looks like a prunus but that’s just a wild guess. Add where you are located in your profile so you can helped better.
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    First maple styling advice

    That branch is crucial to any design I would attempt. 1. Cut off everything above that branch and use the three visible branches to build a canopy with. Grow out cut back etc to develop movement, taper and ramification. 2. Keep all of it and build a much larger canopy. But I don’t think would...
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    Looking at a yew to collect.

    Nice! How did I miss this thread?
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    Seiju elm no.1

    Got rid of the moss. I’ll take the wire off soon and let all the main branches grow until next year or the following year before pruning back to develop taper and secondary branches.
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    How much $$$ is Bjorn worth?

    This is why threads go off the rails. Completely ridiculous statements like this.
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    small Hinoki starter from the Monastery

    How’s the sekka doing? Was yours the one that we thought was dying?
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