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    Another collected Elm

    Hi Tieball, Per your request, here are some pics from today. Nothing much this summer, just been letting it recover from last year's collection and some early spring carving. Next section of trunk that I've let grow last year and this might be ready to chop next spring. The basket is full of...
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    Looking for Amur Maple

    I'm a couple years in with my Amurs. Picked up some discounted end of season amurs at a big box nursery for cheap in fall of 09. I've just been working on the trunks. I've been letting shoots go for awhile and then I cut them back to try to add some rugged bumpiness along the trunk and to...
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    Fat Collected Elm

    Project tree for sure. Nebari is OK...unfortunately there are multiple levels at which good-looking roots come out. Thanks for the tips on removal!
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    Collected ponderosa pine styling

    Nice looking tree and great initial work! I don't mind that long root at all but how well you place and pot it up and the final pot decision will be a major player in the final look.
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    Fat Collected Elm

    600 lbs. deadlifts in the gym helps me. Honestly, I try working methodically, trenching around the tree while gradually undercutting the rootball. I use a dedicated shovel with a keen straight sharp edge to slice and then once I can wiggle the tree, I come back with the sawsall to get at the...
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    Fat Collected Elm

    I didn't find much time to do a whole lot of collecting this year but did get a chance to collect this elm from my property this year over the weekend. Still on the fence what kind of elms I keep pulling from the ground, slippery or American. 1/2 liter bottle for size ref. I'm excited to see...
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    Amur Maple defoliation

    Scars on Amurs tend to roll-over quickly but protrude a lot, at least that's what I've noticed on mine. As Rockm said, you'd have to take a drastic big bite. I've taken advantage of the scarring along the trunk by growing out thick sacrificial branches and pruning them back to the trunk to...
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    Privet 2 Years from Collection

    Very nice development. Good to know, regarding Minwax. I collected a couple massive ones from the yard this spring and was wondering about the punky wood once I begin carving away the multiple trunks.... as I've observed the rot-effect on the ones still there. These guys can take a...
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    Collected Hawthorn History

    Once again, great tree, Brian. Thanks for posting the progression.
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    collecting a hawthorn

    Brian, that hawthorn is superb! Do you have any sequence pics of this in develpment, perhaps for another thread?
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    prune and wire

    Great trees! Looks like a massive collection in the background...would love to see more. Perfect lawn too!
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    New Hornbeam this spring

    Tanlu, depending on the size you're looking for, nursery hornbeams will come with a very large rootball, straight trunk, and not much for lower branching. Last year I planted (in the landscape) a nursery American hornbeam with a 3.5" trunk and it's rootball was massive (probably 500+ lbs)...
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    What Good Is A Red Pot?

    I wouldn't bother with reds so much but instead a complement color of red....a lime green accent or if that contrast "buzzes" too much perhaps something with small white flowers.
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    Thank you for your comments, davetree.
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    mcpesq817, Impressive growth! Looks like you are also more fortunate to have a better/longer growing season as well. In '09 I put in a few trident whips and a ridiculous number of amur whips, some over tiles, and it just looks absurd and jungle-like now. Next year, I will cut back, and...