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    Fertilizer question

    It will work just fine. I would use very little at a time. Just sprinkle a little on the soil and scratch it in. if you have moss I would lift he moss and put he fert under it. Us a light hand because it is not slow release and in a pot the chance of "burn" is higher. But I would use it if...
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    Juniper live vein treatment

    Take a stiff brush and scrub the vein until it is nice and smooth. Then rub it with a cloth with a bit of vegitable oil on it. Also, of course, brush the dead wood with lime-sulfur. The veg oil is a temporary effect.
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    Am I mistaken to avoid grafted maples?

    Well, to reopen an old thread... rather than avoiding a grafted maple, an option is to air or ground layer above the graft. Then you get the variety you like on it's own roots. Plus the nebari will certainly be better.
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    Grafting pines.. does age matter?

    Terrific, thank you Brent. It sounds like my timing isn't bad at all. I had to get them out of the 4" pot they were in before the roots hardened and looked forever like the 4" pot (we've all seen this). Next year about this time I'll be grafting... finally. I can't think of any other hobby...
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    Grafting pines.. does age matter?

    Hi all, I haven't posted here in a really long time, but I have a question that I'm sure y'all can help me with. Does it matter at what age you graft white pine onto black pine stock? I'm asking because I have a number of seedlings of black pine and a larger white pine source plant. It's...
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    Black Pine Training

    Leave it until late winter and then cut it down to a couple inches above all those lowest branches. I suggest looking for one of those branches to become the new leader and another branch to be the first branch on the tree. If you already know which branches you are using then make sure no...
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    Acer Rubrum -taproot pruning

    Your trees should be outside. I think they are hardy to your zone, but you should give them some shelter to be safe. If they haven't woken up from winter yet you can cut the tap root off. I would take 1/2 off this year and then 1/2 off next year at repotting time. Take off the root, and...
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    Washing the leaves on indoor bonsai?

    I shower mine outside with a watering can filled with warm water. Good time to apply a liquid feed as well.
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    Fungicide for cuttings & seedlings (?)

    Threre are countless product names. Just look for or ask someone at the garden centre for something to prevent "damping off".
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    Not a masterpiece... not even a bonsai

    Who would have thought you could find emperor flowers in every garden center for $1.99/4" pot? ;)
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    Olive Forest

    Agreed. And the second tree from the left seems to be growing INTO the shadow of the largest. I don't see that. There are clearly three trees on two other plains behind the major tree. What is hindering the impression of depth is the lack of weight behind the major tree. I crave another...
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    Fix the deadwood challenge...

    I don’t get the sense that the wood and the foliage are parts of the same tree. I like the 3rd picture as the front. I also feel that the tree would do better a little shorter and with a lot less green. Have the weight of the heavy wood on the lower left and the foliage concentrated into the...
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    Growing Cacti?

    You have a very good point BNut! I had them in a window that didn't get tons of direct light. Any time it was being hit by direct light I would open the lid a little. A northern window or a shear curtain would help you, I just don't get the kind of sun you do. I let them grow until they were...
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    Growing Cacti?

    I would have snapped some for you all today... but alas, my camera bit the dust and I've been spending my money on bonsai stuff instead. But at least I'm posting in a place where people can't blame me for that! :)
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    Growing Cacti?

    That gravel is just a top-dressing for looks and to keep the perlite from floating up and sticking all over the plant. It's just for looks. All my succulents/cacti are in a mix of 50:50 store bought cactus mix and perlite. If you buy a big bail of it perlite is about the cheapest thing at the...
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