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    Soil for jade?

    It's the portulaeveryonelsejustneedstodropaleafondirt I have no idea. It's the kind that grows everywhere around here but not for me. This. Stolen from Google.
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    Soil for jade?

    Just switched. Took it out of the bonsai mix after 2 years. About an eighth of an inch of roots. :oops::oops::oops::(
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    Soil for jade?

    My partner has a thriving jade in potting soil in a terra cotta pot. I have one in medium bonsai mix that keeps looking peaked. I'm going to put it in a pot but wonder should I do it like hers in potting soil or make some sort of mix. These are the only 2 jade plants in the yard. Or did I...
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    root aphids?

    I use the Bayer Tree and Shrub granules. I get flak for using imidicloprid but it works like nothing else I have ever used. I have been using it for about 4+ years now and have not gotten even ONE aphid or scale. Besides occasional surface application, I put a small bit in my soil mix. :eek:
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    root aphids?

    Using Imidacloprid for Root Aphids This insecticide, also known as dinotefuran, is highly recommended to eradicate pests. When sprayed, the chemicals will come to the roots. Because root aphids live by absorbing nourishment in that part, the use of this substance will be effective.Aug 15, 2020
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    My trees aren’t growing!

    YOUR tree isn't growing? Look at THIS one. Neighbor had some seedsties come up and gave me one. Planted it in this lil 4 incher. It lost no time leafing out...
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    Pinus Mugo - way forward?

    If it were mine, that long branch would go. I like the more compact part.
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    Rogue seedling, any ideas?

    From Wuhan?
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    Norway maple progress

    Don't sugar-coat it.
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    Is this a real bonsai nut?

    Squirrels should be buried.
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    Collected Cotoneaster coming in to flower..

    During that 2013 to 2017 initial period, did you repot or just let it be?
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    Failed Air Layers- Help

    As has been stated, the bare part needs to be wider. And deeper. I ...thought.. I had a pic of the removed bark but don't. One thing I do is wrap with the green tape around CLEAR plastic. Theory being some light helps. Plastic removed. Layer cut off. I water with a hypodermic...
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    Nursery dwarf mugo - now what?

    I've always wondered why Mugo and Medusa begin with the same letter. :eek:
  14. Mike Corazzi wich are you now?

    I'm in the "Oh DAMN! More shoots to clip!" stage. Age has stopped new acquisitions. At least it's also the "aahhh, finally some peace while these things just grow." stage.... except for the occasional "dammit that wire is cutting in" stage. :cool:
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    Do you have a least favorite species that you still own

    Withdrawing offer. I stuck it on the "IGNORE" bench and the perverse thing is sprouting shoots. Bonsai: the art of leaving things alone. 😆😆😆
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