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    Beautiful! Some of you guys / girls make this look so easy.... I Wish I Wish I Wish ...
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    Spain trip garden series: PART 2- Alcobendas Bonsai Museum

    Excellent! Thanks for taking the time to share
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    Hawthorn Collecting 2017

    Toshi, the best of the 2 died, I may have already posted about that. The 1 that did make it is doing ok, slower grow than I would like but it is alive. It got some yellow / gold spots on it soon after it leafed out. Per Sorce suggestion I removed the leaves with the most damage. It still has...
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    source for J. maples?

    I have never purchased from this vendor, got a couple of their catalogs. Small family business, have talk to Patricia / owner a couple of times about the trees.
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    2018 Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show

    The show was Great! The pictures I see on here of BFV trees are good, but nothing close to what they look like in person... you know .. being there. The trees are truly a work of art and we have seen the progress on this site. I am sure this is true with everyone's trees here, but I have never...
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    Yellow Spots on Hawthorn Leaves

    Thanks sorce, been busy and did not get back to this. I had time to check the tree this weekend and it seemed to be about the same, not many more leaves. I was about to take a picture and then remembered I already had... yeah ... been that busy. I will do some plucking tomorrow, should be home...
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    Yellow Spots on Hawthorn Leaves

    Of the 2 Hawthorn I collected last year my favorite pick did not make it through the winter. The other did wake and is doing pretty good until this weekend I see yellow spots on many of the leaves. The pictures do not show the spot very well but it is showing throw to the underside. Any idea...
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    The Larch Field

    Where are the other pictures posted?
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    COLD!!! Damned COLD! Rotten, stinking COLD weather.

    WOW, Wireme can you get out of your house?
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    2018 - Beech Clump

    Rockm, I don't see what could have been done different... there were not many small roots to keep and I didn't think I was losing much with the cut I made... Live and Learn .... I Hope you are wrong .. :confused: Thanks for your input .....
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    2018 Crabapple or Bradford Pear Collection

    When I was in the woods last Saturday I saw this tree and liked the small white flowers and leaves were not too large. I really did not know what it was but thought I would give it a try. My guess is Crabapple or Bradford Pear .... well after I got home I realized that it was in bloom to have...
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    2018 Beech Slab

    Thanks for your replies. After digging the small one last Saturday in the other thread, I realize this would probably be too much. As you have said no telling what the roots are like, I will keep watching it for now
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    2018 - Beech Clump

    So I listened to your advice, I borrowed a reciprocating saw and went back Saturday. It is a small saw and used 1 full battery and some of the spare, I would have never gotten this without it. When I got home I recharged the battery and cut the bottom, and potted it. I look forward to working...
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    2018 Beech Slab

    I have been looking at this clump or slab whatever the correct name is, for a couple of years. If you look close you can see all the trees are melted together. It is pretty large and will take something to get it out. I want to wait until I have been successful with another collected Beech. I...