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    Restyle of a Slingshot Juniper

    I am impressed with your ability to bend branches. Nice work.
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    Black Pine

    I better go get some coffee, I didn't even see the photo! Thanks rock.
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    Black Pine

    First of all, remove the wire you have applied. Leaving it on will harm your tree. Please elaborate...............
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    Hello, would you be Jeorge Santana, who used to work at Turkey Point?

    Hello, would you be Jeorge Santana, who used to work at Turkey Point?
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    Last I heard (Oct) was that he had purchased a new property and was moving his operation. Haven't heard a word since.
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    Has anyone heard from Tom? How's he doing?
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    Making my own bonsai stand for patio, advice needed

    Kiani - I would recommend not attaching the legs to the horizontal supports as you've shown - that will be a VERY weak joint, and will give you no lateral support (wobbly!) Attach the horizontal supports to the side of the legs, not on top. You will have a much stronger joint (and use at...
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    In Search of Maple

    Hi folks, I've been away from here for a while, and with the weather being unseasonably warm I've begun to think trees again. I am looking to buy a maple - something in the range of 2-3" trunk. Anyone have a tree for sale? Matt
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    Japanese Black Pine

    I've been gone a while - been a busy summer - but I see that some things around here haven't changed! Hello everybody.
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    Bonsai Thief CAUGHT!!!

    If that's a $5,000 planting, I don't want to live in Ft. Myers!:rolleyes:
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    Trident leaf issue

    If you have been watering daily, and it has also been raining........... that's a lot of water. The fact that you're fert. every week seems excessive also. But I'm guessing it's been very warm and also windy? I would stop fert. for now, and slow down on water - and protect from wind...
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    What Good Is A Red Pot?

    :confused: Then why did you buy it?
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    Monkey pole

    That tree on the right is very nice Brian. Excellent work.
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    Permission to Collect in California

    The Forest Service leaves the decision of whether or not to issue permits up to the local Forester in charge of each specific USFS Office. So, if the opinion of the local Forest Supervisor is that issuing such permits is not prudent, end of story.
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    How about 49G?

    This guy is selling top end material from Brussel's Bonsai. Not saying that this tree is worth that price, but the material is more than likely legit.
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