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    Attn: Chemistry geeks. HOCL

    This thread is so full of errors! Electrolysis of salt water produces hydrogen gas, sodium hydroxide, and chlorine gas (Cl2). The latter two react to produce sodium hypochlorite: H2O + NaCl = H2 + NaOCl. Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) is the active ingredient of household bleach. This is neither...
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    Opinions on Turface

    I have been using Mule Mix for a number of years now (I have a local source here in Western Kentucky.) I can't compare its properties, particle size, etc. to Turface, since I have not used the latter, but if Turface particles are flat, I can say that is not the case with Mule Mix. I do sieve and...
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    What is It Progression

    Looks like privet to me, too
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    Ginkgo chop - where and when?

    BVF is right: they heal even large chops well while growing (vigorously) in the ground. Not as well when potted.
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    Winged elms leaf out yet?

    Not your climate, but mine are always among the last to break bud. Nothing much happening yet.
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    (overly?) Ambitious white mulberry collection

    When I chop mulberries (in the ground not potted) I get lots of die-back down down the trunk from the cut. Sealing the cut immediately would probably help. Probably should try that.
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    Bare Rooting Ginko?

    I find gingko to be fairly active root-growers, so I don't think you need to be too cautious about bare-rooting them, so long as you leave a good number of roots. Try to cut away as much as you can directly below the trunk. They grow out there and make it difficult to get the tree into a...
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    Juniperus virginniana "grey owl"

    Sorce, you mIght want to edit that name on the third line of post #10 ;)
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    Japanese Maple Bloodgood Mature Tree

    I'm not especially experienced in Japanese maples, but most commercial named cultivars (Bloodgood) are propagated by grafting, which can create problems down the road. Also, the price does seem rather high. On the other hand, it may have been propagated from a cutting, which might account for...
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    Chinese Elm dropping leaves

    , The main problem is likely that the tree is being kept indoors. In zone 7a it should winter over fine outside, with the tree mulched and protected from drying wind. Also, watering once a week may well be insufficient. Don't water on a schedule, water when it needs it (i.e. when the surface...
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    Hackberry #2

    I like this angle. Seems more balenced. Oliver
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    Winged Elm

    Same here... Oliver
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    Bonsai: Roots disconnected from tree. Help.

    You should be fine for now. The photo of the roots definitely indicates root rot. Be careful not to keep the soil constantly soaking wet. Let it dry out a little between waterings. BTW, the pebbles seem a little large compared to the rest of the soil. They are not serving any useful...
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    Winged Elm

    Colin, any updates on your elm? Oliver
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    Winged Elm

    Maybe winged elms from the northern part of their range are hardier. I live in zone 6b and my winged elms come through winters with temperatures below 20F (commonly approaching 10F) with no harm. They are mulched into a pathway of a raised bed, but everything more than a couple of inches above...
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