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    BT bandwidth?

    Here is a chart from my website that tracks usage, and this link explains how to read those statistics, it may help to understand how all this hits, bandwidths and visits stuff works, alternatively you may be even more confused after reading it...
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    BT bandwidth?

    Well some people start these things for love and some for money, obviously the guy doesn't want to chip in any more of his own dough so its not for love is it. :D I think the message is send funds NOW. ;)
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    BT bandwidth?

    Too many pictures and posts about crappy twigs that aren't even fit for firewood hogging all the bandwidth I'd say. :rolleyes:
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    Two New Pines:) (embedded pics)

    What a coincidence theres a guy over on Bonsaitalk thats just done exactly the same thing. :D
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    English Boxwood

    I like it, its a wonderful little specimen, the trunk looks really aged, I wonder how it would take to some some leaf size reduction.
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    Think you can beat this tree?

    Thats just amazing.
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    Congratulations Rick Moquin, you're world wide!

    Yes "fair dinkum" an old phrase not used too much anymore in Oz, probably superseded now by phrases like "awesome" picked up from our US friends ;)
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    Why do my posts have to be approved first?

    Oh OK, silly me, sorry . :o
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    Why do my posts have to be approved first?

    Whats going on here?, I just posted a reply on a thread and for some reason my post has to be approved before it is posted, whats the go?
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    Thanks to all the new members & visitors!

    Apart from advertising purposes I really can't see why groups think they have to grow into some sort of colossus to be a good group, hasn't Bonsai taught us quality is preferrable to quantity?, I prefer small and friendly groups where everyone knows each other as opposed to anonymous and...
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    How to get members to post their Articles

    It may seem like a thankless task writing stories but a quick look at the "views" will show that a lot of people have taken the time to look and have probably gotten a lot out of it albeit anonomously. :rolleyes:
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