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    Does ANYONE really like or appreciate the bitchiness on this site?

    I liked your video. The only thing I would suggest is to maybe put some notes on a board behind the camera so you arent looking down to read your notes, or even memorize everything first. I think the whole gender thing is ridiculous and it is a very slippery slope, if someone can just ignore...
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    The 5 to 10+ Year Progression Thread

    thanks for sharing everyone. I really need to start documenting my trees
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    New term for American bonsai

    Boonsai :cool:
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    The best bonsai soil mix in the world ever.

    mate I watched Interstellar, Cosmos and Space Balls so I know a thing or two about space. If you want to age your trees without aging yourself you just need to travel at the speed of light, just do a quick lap of the milky way at light speed and when you return you will either have some really...
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    Poor tree

    There are no dead weeds around it so I dont think it has been poisoned, those weeds would be yellow in a couple days if they were using round-up.
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    Fires in California

    I feel you guys pain. Its winter here in Aus and we already have bush fires raging, last week we nearly had to be evacuated because a big one (burned 1700 hectares) was within a couple miles of my home, the only reason no homes were lost was because of the absolute legends in the helicopters...
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    What NOT to do thread.

    I usually wire from the top down....... I am a savage
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    Did I go over over the top from winterizing.

    pffft forget all that 'wintering' nonsense, just move to Australia and you'll never have to deal with winter again. Its winter here at the moment and today we should hit around 70f in the middle of the day, it is sensational :)
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    good job mate. Not many people get to follow their passion, most people just end up doing a job just because it pays the bills, you are one of the lucky ones. Dont forget that.
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    Trident Maple #10

    pffft its all about the smart pots now, if your pot doesnt have wifi you are doing it wrong
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    Mirai BC #1

    I dont like it. I can appreciate the time and work it has taken but aesthetically its not my cup of tea
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    The Tree Thread

    ^ I love the deadwood. that is going to be a very impressive bonsai one day
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    How old are you?

    im 32, I thought I must have been the oldest on this forum after reading through 5 threads and seeing 5 childish arguments
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    What's causing this??

    how long have you had the juniper?? it may not be a disease.... it may be a variegated chinese juniper just doing what it does, turning yellow. id never seen one until about six months ago when I was at my local bonsai nursery and noticed a juniper with yellow patches, I asked Leong what...
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    salad drainer as training pot?

    I do the same. I fill my colander with diatomite, then stick the whole thing in the ground and just lift it once a year to keep the roots in check. I find it is a good compromise between the increased growth you get from ground growing stock, and the convenience of growing in pots
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