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  • Never mind about the substrate question, just found the thread about searching for a good "southern" aggregate, you share a ton there THANK YOU!
    Also, I recently collected a Texas Persimmon, 2 weeks, watching a few bumps but still no buds, scratch reveals green cambium layer, is that a good sign or does that not matter
    I looked at an older post of yours about a sweet Persimmon you collected with an awesome hollow...in that thread you talked about your organic substrate being a key to your success...I've never made a substrate and need to bad, if you are willing to share your recipe and how you buy the components and make it I'm all in...it' obvious it works here in Central Texas! Thank you in advance for your time.
    I did not get any yaupon (those were collected by others)...but got 2 pyracantha and 2 bouggies (purchased). All are doing fine so far. All the remaining leaves are not wilting or anything like that. The bougies are actually showing some plumpness on some buds so that is promising. Too early to tell...just 11 days on one bouggie, 5 days on another, and 4 days for the pyracantha. I will post updates as I see some change...good or bad. Thanks! :)
    Thank you for answering. You seem very knowledgeable about bonsai so I never would have guessed that you are a newbie too. Stay cool, if u can in tx. Lol. Leah
    Hi. Since you live close to my area (Kerrville) I thought you might answer a question for me. I have a juniper procumbens and have read/heard different opinions on time in the sun. In Texas's climate is the small tree supposed to be in full sun all day or can it have 4-5 hours of morning sun and the rest of the day in indirect sun? Thank You. Leah Gayler
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