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    Seed Grown Scots Pine

    Its unfortunate, but im paring down my small collection of trees. My wife is pregnant with twins, and i dont expect to have the time moving forward to care for and style trees. Owell, ill pick it back up in 18 years! This is a Scots pine ive had for many many years. It was grown from a seed by...
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    Collected Ponderosa for sale

    Compact pine with fantastic bark. I purchased this 3-4 years ago with the intention of one day grafting it with JBP, and never got around to it. It sat for a year or two out of the mountains, and i repotted it 2 years ago. In other words, the tree is doing well and is ready to be worked on...
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    Japanese signed bonsai pot

    Two posts with absolutely no value added, and hinting at an insult both times--that is trolling. Actually, quite the opposite of what you suggest, I wiped down the entire pot with a damp rag before snapping a few quick photos. Notice how a few blades of grass cling to the damp bottom? By all...
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    Japanese signed bonsai pot

    Ok, I can see that we are all getting really hung up on a bit of leaf litter in the pot. If anyone buys this, I promise it will be scrubbed out. I simply had it under my bench all summer and some leaves and dirt found its way into the pot. It's really nothing to get worked up about. I do thank...
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    Japanese signed bonsai pot

    jkd, I will get you the interior dimensions when I get home today. As to the other comment, dirt inside pots offends you? This isn't a pot to be put behind a glass case, this is one to be used. However, if you want it power washed and scrubbed with Clorox, by all means send me the money and...
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    Randy Knight Ponderosa

    This collected ponderosa is from nature's way nursery. I purchased it back in 2009-2010, and have since repotted it once replacing all original mountain soil. The tree is very healthy, and ready to be styled. It has fantastic bark, taper, and movement for such a small tree. It would be a perfect...
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    Japanese signed bonsai pot

    So fast, Brian! I posted this, went to work on another post, and I had a "duh!" moment. Obviously dimensions are going to be important. 13.75" by 10.5" by almost 2.75" deep(not including feet)
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    Japanese signed bonsai pot

    Nice pot ordered from Japan last year. I never ended up using it, so its time to sell. Signed and stamped. No chips or anything. $165 plus shipping. Message me for a shipping quote. Patrick
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    Pine seedlings

    Rick, Thanks for the interest. I did start another crop this year. I was waiting for everything to go dormant, which will be soon. Message me with how many you want, and I will send you an invoice when I am ready to ship. Thanks Patrick
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    How I package up my trees to ship

    Pretty nice packing job--something that is usually overlooked. Shipping bonsai sucks, but if you don't do the job properly then there is a lot of wasted time and money at the end of the day. I have shipped a few collected trees, that if I didn't make a solid profit off of at the time, I would...
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    Pine seedlings

    Ok, I have 15-20 JBP seedling cuttings left. I will sell for $1.25 a piece plus shipping. Save yourself the trouble of sowing seed, cutting roots off, and gain a growing season while you are at it! All for just a buck and a quarter.
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    Selling off my collection of pre-bonsai one at a time....

    You are doing extremely well on these maples! I have 4" caliper ponderosas that cost half of what that last maple sold for! You are getting lucky with a few guys going at it, I suspect. Good for you, give you a good note exiting the hobby for the time being.
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    Pine seedlings

    Bareroot. And as you can see, the candles are elongating. This one, and the ones i potted up, woke up a bit before the others. Still OK to ship them, but that window will be closed in 2 weeks.
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    Pine seedlings

    Ok, still have about 40 of the seedling cutting JBPs. Here is a picture of one of them. Still $2 a piece, and $8-12 to ship depending on where you are. Unless you are in CA, it will be ten bucks or less. As you can see, low buds, and perfect starts to future nebari.
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    "Where My Bonsai Are"

    Looks great! I thought we had a deal where you were going to share pictures with me when you finished? I have to find out publically with the rest of the community? The deck looks good. Im looking into tearing down an old deck and building a new one on the property I renovated last year. I...
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