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    maple trees

    I am trying to get two (2) Sir Happy Japanese Maples for my BONSAI collection. NEED HELP IN FINDING THEM.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    help me find

    I am in the search for two (2) SIR HAPPY Japanese maples for BONSAI. I have had no luck finding so if any one knows where I could buy them PLEASE let me know. THANKS in advanced. Robert I removed your email from your post for security reasons. If anyone would like to get in touch with...
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    to Leatherback, after reading your reply I am going to pick up two nishiki gawa maples. it...

    to Leatherback, after reading your reply I am going to pick up two nishiki gawa maples. it seems that they barl up faster than awkawa maples. thanks for the help.
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    maple bark which one

    which maple has the best bark a acerp palmatim or an Ibo juhi maple. I am trying to buy two of the Ibo juhi but no luck yet. I would really like to know which has the best rough bark. they ill be added to my slowly growing Japanese maple collection. Please RESPOND WITH POSTIVE COMMENTS as...
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    pond baskets

    I have just picked p some pond baskets online really low cost and nice and HD. Planting some japanese maples in them. Will get some good rood ramanfication after a couple of years.
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    rare japanese maple

    I am in the process of trying to find a rare japanese maple called Yuki tama. I have checked several nurseries that had ads for that variety it but as usual no one had any. Does anyone know where I might find one or two. Any help will be greatly appreciated. THANKS, Robert Gardner
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    Bonsai Esprit

    I am in the process of trying to find a copy of Bonsai Espri April=Mat from 2016. If any one has a cop and would like to sell it please let me know. Also would like to know where I might find a lot of the od copies, just love this magazine when it was printed in English. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP...
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    Wiring a Stewartia

    I want to thank both of you for your help. As for wiring the trunks I am following a report from Bonsai Today and they just wired around the roots it seems very louse in order not to mar them, just to hold them together at the planting time. When done I would like to wire the trunks up a short...
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    December pot giveaway!

    Being retired and covia free I think what you are doing is great. All the people in the BONSAI community are very nice and overwhelming kind. THANKS ALL. Robert
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    Wiring a Stewartia

    I am getting three Stewartia trees next week. They will be wired together so that the roots will fuse together. making a triple trunk tree. My big question since the bark wounds so easily, how long do you leave the wire on all the branches that need to be flatten out from their vertical growth...
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    plants needed.

    😁 HELP,, I need to find three (3) Stewari seedlings or transplants for sale. Need them for my Bonsai collection, willing to pay up to $10.00 each. THANKS FOR ANY HEIP. Robert
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    I think it will make a very interesting large informal upright this winter I will be able to look at revocation modifications in branch placement if needed so thanks for your comments I appreciate it
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    wood for bonsai

    This is a piece of Manzanita would not ever ride and I’m going to treat it with wood Hardner to make sure of that but thanks for your reply I appreciate it
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    wood for bonsai

    I WOULD LIKE some suggestions on how to use this
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    These are pictures of the Maple large bonsai I am working on. please send comments
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