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    Squirrels attacking my Trident and Jap Maples!

    My brother had squirrel problems around his many bird feeders. Lived on the edge of a large wooded area. He would sit at the bedroom window with a pellet gun and he shot over 80 squirrels one year. Others will just move in when the area opens up. I killed a few at my place but same thing was...
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    Stressed Itiogawa Shimpaku

    I agree with the pellet gun, but not to kill the cat. Just put 2-3 "pumps" on it and sting the cat. It will not forget that. I did this with squirrels a few years ago. Was killing them weekly all summer but when one dies off it just gets replaced with a new one. Then I just started...
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    eBay Root Over Rock Japanese Maple

    Nice looking RoR, did you by chance get it from Ebay seller doc's_bonsai? It looks like one of his creations. I have a couple them. He has a special touch with root over rock's. I think he's a poster here. Robert
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    First "transplant" for the Pink Rock larch forest

    That's fantastic, I can't get over how thin that soil level is. How many times a day do you have to water in the heat of summer? Robert
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    Hot Pepper Wax?

    I used to shoot and kill them with a pump-up pellet gun. About ten pumps would do it. As a funny side note, my neighbors cat would haul them off when they hit the ground. She got where she would here me pumping the gun up and would come running and lay in the weeds waiting for them to drop. I...
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    Ilex deadwood?

    This is some branch and trunk carving on a very old Illex Shilling. It was owned by a gentleman in the Florida Keys. I acquired it and had it for about 12 years ( up in Iowa :eek:) a couple years ago I traded it for some Trident Maples that are more Iowa friendly, and it is now back residing in...
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    Alabama Bonsai Society Show Photos

    Thanks for taking the time to post these pics. Brian, great pics and greatly appreciated. Robert
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    Wisteria winter tolerance

    I have a couple in pots (not really bonsai) in zone 5 Iowa. I just set them on the ground and mulch over the pots and they seem to do fine. Had them for three winters now, Robert
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    Screen Turface

    I use to screen Turface and other components, like chicken grit, but for the last few years I use straight from the bag and water the newly re-potted trees well to flush out the dust. Been working well for me. Robert
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    site for buying,selling,trading

    Thank you, You have a great site, I've been working my way thru it, really enjoy the video's and informative articles. I'm more of a buyer than a seller (so far). Robert
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    site for buying,selling,trading

    Thanks much Bill, that's the one I was looking for. Robert
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    site for buying,selling,trading

    Good day I had a web site book-marked for selling, buying ,trading bonsai and related products. Had a computed problem and lost it. Did searches here and Goggle but cannot find it. Think I originally saw it posted here( on Nut) but not sure. It had tokens that you could buy to pay for...
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    Share your color

    This is my first fall with these tridents as just put it together and potted last spring. Robert
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    One of my elms

    I like it, great job. Really great wife too. Bob
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    Is there a secret to growing trident maples?

    Please do, I would love to learn how to prepare tree's for spectacular colors. Robert
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