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    What kind of dremel should I get?

    Hi Alex Yeah I've also stopped visiting b-site, and have been focussing my energy on trying to get a local forum going. I do pop in here from time to time as there are some interesting topics and what seem to be some very experienced and knowledgeable people. In terms of the tool, I...
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    What kind of dremel should I get?

    Hey Slothrop. Long time :D I've also got a Dremel 300. A nice, easy to use tool but as said already it has limitations in terms of the size material it is built to carve. Steer clear of the Makita gd0600 as it is fixed at 25000rpm which is too fast for what seems like most cutting bits...
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    Post a picture of your SMALLEST bonsai!

    Nice :) Here's my smallest tree. Also yet to be moved to a bonsai pot which I'm dreading as these things simply keel over peg when reducing the rootball. I'm really not sure why they're used for bonsai! Anyhow... here it is.
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    mmmmm lunch...

    Tasty lookin treats Jason. My son has two shoe boxes full of silk worm pupae which I'm planning on enjoying with crackers later tonight. That giant bug chilli dip looks pretty good too - can you advise where I can pick some up? And those curried mole crickets too please... :D
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