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    My wisteria!

    Those are indeed flower buds, the flowers come out a few weeks befor the leaf, and the flower bud is usually larger. Enjoy the flowers!
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    My Hollywood Juniper

    See what Ted has to say about it next weekend. He is honest.
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    My Hollywood Juniper

    Everything takes time. Like I read earlier in your thread, it will hit you one day when you least expect it. When you stare at the same trees for months, some things are difficult to see. Its looking better compared to your earlier photos. Keep up the good work.
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    My Hollywood Juniper

    Its looking better Dave, but I think you could reduce the deadwood (jins) in the middle even more, just looks like too much for a tree that has so much deadwood on the trunk. In Nature, if that much of the trunk has been "weathered" the branches would be pretty much just stubs if not hallows. I...
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    Safety of Rain water

    Collect the water that drips from your air conditioner. There is nothing in that water and it is safe to drink, that is, if your collecting bucket is clean.
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    Planting a Japanese maple on a tile

    What I have found that works very well for Japanese Maples, is to plant them in the drip pan of a 10-12" flower pot with holes drilled in them. I was taught this from a person that specialized in JM. So I used his method and compared it to growing in a wooden box, and his method worked so much...
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    New Harry Harrington book

    Harry, I have been on your bonsai 4 me web site and its fantastic. I have a great number of varieties of Japenens Maples. You stated that you prune and wire in the Fall, how long do you keep your wire in place. I try to wire a week or two prior (as per Bjorn)to leaf swell in Feb here in Atlanta...
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    Miyasama Trident Maple

    Looking at the photo of the first one, it looks as if it is in need of a repotting. So when the buds begin to swell this Spring (Feb-March), and get a good look at the roots, and get to see if there are any large down growing roots that neet to be removed. At that time, you may already have a...
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    Akadama questions

    Get with your local club for what works best in your area. As mentioned before, they have done the leg work and would be more than happy to help you. If I remember correctly, Denver can be very dry desert like conditions in the Summer. So check with your local club, you can't go wrong. Jim
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    Propagation these days

    If you are following the advice from Tom, with bottom heat, I would leave them outside since you have a dome covering them to protect them. Here in Atlanta, I place mine in a cold frame on the ground in a simi shaded area and protected from the wind and avoid direct sun (your dome). In the...
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    Trident maples, a chronical

    Your article is indeed very interesting as well as fantastic documentation. I would agree with the others about publishing it. I am very interested in Maples and have been working with them for several years, but never thought of the work you have accomplished with these trees. Makes all of...
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    Acer palmatum 'Shaina'

    One of the reasons the top was dead, the roots are more than likely in compact clay from the NW nursery, causing root rot. You can use a water hose and a chopstick to remove all of the clay and the rotted roots. Its very time consuming, but very well worth the effort. Once cleaned up, plant in...
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    The Growing Grounds

    I was in a class in SC where one of the students purchased several very nice trees at a very reasonable price, so nice, the Master had some very positive comments on the trees and the student's selection of trees.
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    Kiyohime advice..

    It also looks like you have a lot of organics in your soil mix. They don't like wet feet. I have found that removing the organics (pine or cypress chips) all together have shown a great improvement in the trees health. You know your envirnment better than we do, use what works best for you.
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    Water Can

    I purchased the can first and found the oval rose later. Works great. A little adjustment with the can and the new rose, you will be in heaven.
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