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    Evergreen Gardenworks

    So, so glad to hear you are safe!
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    Can I water my trees with pond wate

    We water all the landscaping in our very large yard with pond water and it grows wonderfully. I never considered using it for my bonsai's but it sounds like a great idea.
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    Japanese Beetles

    They seem to be cyclical here, too. They have never bothered my bonsai before, but I think my tree was stressed from all the heat and sun we've had here for the last couple of weeks. I normally keep my JM on the shadier part of the deck, but we took down one of our big trees last fall and I...
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    Japanese Beetles

    Thanks Judy, haven't ever defoliated it before...will see how it does.
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    Japanese Beetles

    I have about 50 bonsai trees on my deck and 2 days ago I went out to water (for the second time that day) and discovered Japanese Beetles had almost defoliated my only red Japanese maple. 95% of the leaves are just skeletons. The beetles have not attacked any other tree on my deck (knocking on...