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    Hemlock - thank You Mr. Jason

    I wanted to say thank you to Mr. Jason at Oregon bonsai. He sent me a surprise. This beautiful hemlock which is really cool. I think its a western hemlock based on the research that I have done. If I am wrong please tell me Mr. Jason so I don't kill it :eek: I will do my best to give it a good...
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    Collecting in America

    So are people saying I can't collect :mad: This is the one thing I really enjoy the most about bonsai. I will search with Dad sometimes for a month before I find something that is really good. It is a special feeling when I find just the right one. Now you telling me this is bad:eek:
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    Bonsai Vault Article Contest

    I think that is such a cool idea Mr John. :) I am studing video formats in computer class at school. I think its a really good idea and Dad should listen more closely to your suggestion
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    A Keeper

    Hi Mr. Chris I am glad you think its a good one:) I do to. Now if I can make it like the picture in my head I will be happy
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    A Keeper

    Hi Ms. Irene it is fun when I can beat Dad when we go:D He always has en excuse why he couldn't find a good one:p
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    A Keeper

    Hi Mr. Martin, Dad and I have been collecting trees from January till it gets to warm and trees have got leaves since I was a little kid. Dad has told me that the tempreture needs to below a certain point for a a lot of days. I can't remember those numbers right now:( I just know they need to...
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    A Keeper

    Hi everyone, I talked Dad into taking me collecting today. We were suppose to go to the pine barrens tomorrow but he said it would be to cold.:( So we went near the farm instead. We walked about ten miles and I found this American Hornbeam at the end of our walk.:D Score one for Taylor and...
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    New World

    Hi Mr.Will thank you for the reply.:) I know that Mr. Walters trees don't look like real trees.:p What I meant to say was that they look more like real trees than japanese trees. Japanese trees look pretty but all look the same if you look at to many of them. I guess Mr. Walter takes the best...
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    White pine train wreck!

    That pot is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!:) You must be a great bonsai potter. I would really like it but I can't take such a nice pot. I did not do anything to deserve it. I told my Dad about your offer and he agreed with me. He did say that I could trade you something of mine for it. :) I have a...
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    The holiday gift list thread...

    I got what I wanted from santa. The only present that I really wanted the scots pine. I tried this year tp be a really good girl guess I was:D It is so awesome in real life I can't wait for spring
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    Pineus Negra Styling

    Hi Mr.Londog I like your drawings. I have a question. the trunk is very nice. Will you be planting this tree at a different angle in the bonsai pot. I think it would help the long straight branch that is the new trunk. To me it seems to go sideways for a while. Just an idea from a kid :p...
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    New World

    Hi Mr. Vance:) I know why there is a need for rules or as Dad puts it guidelines. I have a question. If your bonsai tree is equal to whats normal then isn't your bonsai just another tree in a bunch of other normal trees. I don't see anything exciting about that its boring. If one day when i am...
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    White pine train wreck!

    With respect to everyone that thought this tree was ugly I think you are not using your imagination. I see a tree in in this pine. Just because someone didn't know what they were doing doesn't mean that its hopeless.
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    REBS Show 2007

    I love each of these trees. I was wondering where this show is so that I could visit and see them in person. I think that is one of the best ways to learn. If you study something up close it can tell you a lot. Thank you Mr Brent
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    Making a LARGE custom pot

    Mr. Dale that is so awesome. I always wondered how that was done. It looks like a lot of hard work because you never smile. Dad is like that sometimes when he concentrates and even says a bad word or two :). How much does a kiln cost. I would like to try that and see if I would be any good...
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