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    St. John.... and his fabulous “Wort”s...

    If you collect the buds before they go to seed (which you should anyway to harvest the hypericum for medicinal uses), then you should be able to control the spread pretty easily. They're also really easy to start from seed - I got some from Strictly Medicinal (not affiliated in any way) for...
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    Tips on repotting both the smallest and largest of bonsai using the Mirai methodology

    And please can we stop crapping on each other's beliefs just because it doesn't align with yours? If a certain belief or religious practice brings someone a moment of relief in this crazy fucked up world, can we just accept that and leave that person in peace? I frankly don't care what you...
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    Tips on repotting both the smallest and largest of bonsai using the Mirai methodology

    I never wade into these conversations, but I think this comment is utterly disrespectful no matter what you thought of the war. Some were drafted and had no choice as to whether they thought it was just or not. I never really take issue with anything you post, but fuck off with this comment.
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    Yaupon Hollies - free in Roswell, GA area

    @Hack Yeah! Pleasure to have you over. Next time I'll have to show you my humble collection and some of the cool pots I've collected over the years. There are plenty more where those came from if anyone else is interested!
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    Yaupon Hollies - free in Roswell, GA area

    One more for the day. @Hack Yeah! We'll make it happen.
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    Yaupon Hollies - free in Roswell, GA area

    Here are some that I collected yesterday. I got another one this morning and have three more to dig tomorrow. Still about 50 left to go. It's going to take all my grow bed space and pots I have to get even a portion of them. It might be difficult to tell the scale in the photos, but two...
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    Yaupon Hollies - free in Roswell, GA area

    Hey everyone - I have a great opportunity for some people in the local Roswell, GA area to get some really nice old yaupon hollies. A neighbor is removing them from his yard and he has about 50 to dig - all around 25 years old with a minimum of 3-4" nebaris. Many are much larger than that. I...
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    Large Quality Chinese Pots - ATL Area

    The exterior measurements for that pot are about 24" across x 17 1/2" wide x 5 1/4" high. I can take interior measurements in the morning if you would like them as well.
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    Large Quality Chinese Pots - ATL Area

    Bump for the ATL peeps looking for bigger pots - I'll give a good idea for anyone looking to buy all four!
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    My Silverberry

    Nice!! I love seeing silverberry stock posted up. Gives me something to excited for what mine might look like in 10 years or so.
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    Wintercreeper (Euonymus fortunei) Experiment

    I picked up this little guy this past summer for $8 at a local plant nursery. I was (and still am) unsure if it will make a suitable bonsai, but I figured what the hell. It was hacked back when right when I purchased it. I just gave it a little trim. I left a lot of shoots intentionally for...
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    What the hell did I just do???

    Thanks for sharing the updates. I've been on a yaupon holly collecting spree the past few months. It's amazing to find 20+ year material laying on the street ripe for the taking. I'm up to about 20 or so most all with 6" or more bases. My trouble is sorting out the apexes since they almost...
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    SIlverberry Root Cutting

    Has anyone had any luck with silverberry root cuttings? Any tips or tricks, dos or don'ts? I've had success with narrow-leaf ficus root cuttings, and I'm wondering if I can treat silverberry root cuttings in the same way.
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    Silverberries Stumps!

    @Leo in N E Illinois I appreciate the tips! This is my first go with silverberries, and there isn't a ton of information out there about them. Since they're sitting in heavy soil I plan to go light on the fertilizer - especially as they establish themselves. Once they've filled their pots...
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