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    My introduction thread

    I envy your place of residence, Corinne. I drove through Montana on my way to a year long stay in Seattle, and it was amazing. I'd never before seen the Milky Way until I came to your fine state. Bison in the wild. Brilliant mountains and scenery. The sky is truly BIG out there. I wish both...
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    Just a little thank you

    I've never been much good at political debate, but I felt compelled to do so on the Bar, and that really detracted from my main purpose here, which was to talk bonsai! So, I just wanted to give a little thanks to the powers that be for removing that 'temptation', and cesspool, if I'm honest, and...
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    Best time to style a maple?

    Thanks for clarifying, rockm. We're moving into colder weather now, so I really doubt any new growth would spring up. Can you tell me this? If the object is to get rid of the offensive, overgrown limbs, what would I care about die back? That's what I WANT. Are you saying if I cut off an...
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    Best time to style a maple?

    Why this, smoke?
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    New Bald Cypress

    Not sure I mentioned them on this thread or elsewhere, but I just got 2 gorgeous Bald Cypress from a good friend of mine. They were grown from seedling here in Indiana, harvested from near a lake where they grow wild. Right now, if you look at them flat, not three dimensional, the trunks are...
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    I already know I'm a masterpiece. The board is just slow in realizing it. I'm sure it will get around to it, one day.
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    New Bald Cypress

    I think they can take any form you wish, personally. I've seen gorgeous versions of Cypress bonsai in both the 'nature' style, and as more of an evergreen style. Truly spectacular looking trees.
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    Best time to style a maple?

    Well, it's 9/30, and my gorgeous little Maple is still bearing all of it's leaves and all of it's branches for now, heh. I think someone said above that I may be a bit anxious, and that may be true as the development of the trunk and nebari are things that are important. At this point, the new...
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    It came from the Oort!

    Eggcellent! A Doctor Who reference in the midst of some gibberish, heheh. Just reverse the ISON polarity, Kly.
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    Best time to style a maple?

    Didn't know this was going to stimulate such conversation. I live in Indiana, and thusfar, my Maple is holding it's leaves. It is WAY out of control as far as internode growth. An inch to inch and a half. It NEEDS to be cut back to promote back budding, and stifle, if that's a correct word, the...
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    Walked in on a robbery!

    Similar... At my place of business, I was privvy to a person whipping out a gun and telling me he was going to blow my brains out. A little disconcerting, I can tell you, especially when he had me in the back room alone. I just went with it. What else can you do if you aren't armed? Kept asking...
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    Best time to style a maple?

    I just want to have it healthy and be satisfied with it, eventually, Mach, heheh. I'll worry and wonder and fret and smile all along the way, trust me. And, as is common, one day I'll want to change it again.
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    Walter Pall's trees stolen

    Can't disagree at all, goose. Which makes our bonsai world a little bit smaller, and a little less what we would like it to be. Damned shame. I'm not going to let that bad apple diminish my appreciation of the art, though. As far as bonsai, I'm suspicious of insects, not the folks here. I say...
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    Does Bonsai also interest you in weather?

    I've been an inherent weather buff since I was young, but when dealing with trees or plants, it becomes a bit more pertinent. Given my buff-ness, if you will, on the subject, I've decided to buy a weather station. Specifically, a Davis Vantage Vue. Now, I'm not affiliated with this site, nor...
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    Walter Pall's trees stolen

    While sad, when money comes into the equation, there is always a market. Sad state of the world and we humans. Covet.
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