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    Welcome visitors to the garden

    A recent visitor to my JBP section.
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    Black Pine Visitor

    Just to lighten things up a bit, this guy popped out of one my JBPs while watering it. He must have just been born recently being only about an inch in length. :)
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    JBP- DFW and Surrounding Areas

    I've decided to sell my large JBP that I have been working on since 2012. The tree is in perfect health and has been repotted with Boons mix and decandled recently with nice new buds coming in. This will be a pickup only sale , no shipping so if you live within a couple hundred miles or closer...
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    Chinese Elm losing leaves with brown tips

    Chinese elms should be outside at all times until the temps get to around freezing, then placing them in an unheated garage should suffice until the temps go back above freezing. Trees are outdoor plants and need the humidity of the air, indoors are too dry for them and they will suffer and soon...
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    A Problem Question

    Thanks, I'll look for it. Any leads on a good place to find it and is it granular or liquid and how about dosage?
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    A Problem Question

    Yes it sure does and here's the culprit, now what's the best remedy to prevent this ?
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    A Problem Question

    Here in my part of Texas pines aren't a common tree, east Texas now that's a different story. I usually don't have a fungal problem with my pines even with all the spring rain we got this year. As for the moth possibility, I have seen some fly out of the foliage when I water the tops at my first...
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    A Problem Question

    Need some info on what this might be, everyone of my JBPs practically have at least one of their candles that have this happening to them, anyone can tell me what might be causing this? The candles will be removed soon of course but I've never had this stuff before and would like to know what's...
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    Playing with JBP

    Very weird. :eek::)
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    Austrian Pines 1 yr (West Texas Nursery - A&M Forest Service)

    Say what, 51? You're still a youngster, I can't even remember when I was 51, I'm turning 71 next month and did the seed thing 7yrs ago and I'm so glad I did, look what you can do in just 7years. All black pines in the Dallas area
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    ~2 year old JBP seedling

    These are 7yrs old and should be what you're striving for.
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    ~2 year old JBP seedling

    Do yourself a big favor and slip pot it into either a colander or a pond basket now and in a few years you'll be glad you did believe me. The pot you have it in now will keep it thin and small. These are only 4yrs old at the time and the trunks have fattened up quite nicely by then.
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    Desert Rose

    I'm really surprised mine did so well indoors without any special treatment at all. The pics I posted is exactly what it looks like indoors. It is getting a bit too tall though and I'm afraid I'll have to do some shortening soon all over.
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    Desert Rose

    Soon this guy will start putting forth its flowers for this year but until then I can still admire its charm. :cool:
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    My first and only JBP in central Texas

    Austin isn't much different than Dallas in the summer heat where I'm located and as you can see these guys are in colanders / pond baskets all year long in whatever the temps might be in mid July and August too. The only problem is they will need watering up to 2-3 times a day so if you're at...
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