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    After The Repot

    I picked this up at a bonsai show quite a few years ago, it was used when I bought it, almost forgot I had it since it was put away for some time. :)
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    After The Repot

    Here's some pics of a few of my 7yr old JBP with new Yixing pots bought earlier in the year and recently repotted. Of course because of their youth they are still in development. :cool:
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    Ever seen scale growth on a procumbens?

    Only thing I guess you can say for sure is that some do and some don't. At my place they all do, not that I have very many but the few I do have, have all turned scale foliage and not after a number of long years, not from being dried out or over watered, and not from being pot bound as I repot...
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    Really Healthy But...

    It's really nice to know your JBPs are really healthy and growing good with all that lush foliage but dang then comes late October and then the work begins, pulling literally thousands of needles depending of course upon how many JBPs you have which in my case is around 19. Of course you also...
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    My first and only JBP in central Texas

    So here's my take on this, if you want to see if you can do JBP in Central TX. then why don't you do that? To do that I would let this guy continue to grow out by doing nothing for a few years and repotting it into a colander or better yet a pond basket. This way you get the experience of seeing...
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    What Was Lurking in There

    When I picked this ch. elm tree out at a local bonsai nursery I knew it had potential but couldn't really see all of it until I got it home and went to work on it. It was such a nice healthy looking tree that I decided to get it rather one of the others standing next to it. A few hours later...
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    Cleaning on a JWP

    You're so fortunate to be able to keep one in your growing zone seeing how you're in Georgia. Looks pretty healthy too. :cool:
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    Chinese Elm

    Just a picture sketch of one my ch. elms in the penjing style with a Chinese pot from the Yixing region of China. Here's the before pic
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    From That to This

    Bought a few more ch.elms yesterday and did a slip pot and a styling on both. Here's one of them. :) Before After- next repotting will find a nice small pot to bring out more of what its got. :)
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    Principles of Bonsai Design

    Yes as I mentioned above in the beginning that it is a very good book if you want to keep the bonsai aesthetics in your trees. Hopefully someone else who has read it will also chime in. :)
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    Principles of Bonsai Design

    Yeah with it being a hard cover it should be a good one, the one I have is a soft cover and a bit cheaper in price because of that. :)
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    Principles of Bonsai Design

    Wow, I can't believe what this thread morphed into. :oops:
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    Principles of Bonsai Design

    The book Principles of Bonsai Design by David De Groot is back at Stone Lantern in hardback cover. It was hard to find recently but is now available. I have this book and as far as I'm concerned it beats any other book on bonsai out there unless you're just looking for pictures of trees. This...
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    What A Showoff

    Do you mind if I showoff ? First one, Chinese Elm. Second, Juniper Procumbens Third, Chinese Elm Fourth, Juniper Procumbens. All are shohin size. :)
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    E Bay Chinese Elm

    This is only my second and probably last bonsai I will buy from eBay. It's sometimes a crap shoot as to what you will get by not seeing it in person to decide whether or not to buy. This first photo of this Chinese Elm was pretty misleading as there is no way to tell that halfway up the trunk to...
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