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    Could I get some direction on a laurel oak?

    Personally, I would remove some of the branching that comes out of the trunk at the same spot and then grow the apex slightly taller to round out the crown. Put it in a nice pot and enjoy. I wouldn't do anything drastic. Cool tree.
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    Virginia friends....

    Hey there @markyscott . First of all, you can definitely be in the redneck club if you live in VA. I live in Goochland county, which is roughly half way between Richmond and Charlottesville. I work in C-ville. Everyone else has pretty much already filled you in but I'll just reinforce that...
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    Water Oak

    Thanks! Its about 3 inches right above the nebari. I haven't measured but thats about right based on the old eyeball test.
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    Ponderosa in VA

    Uh, no.
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    Roughleaf Dogwood - Cornus drummondii

    Picked this one up this year, once again, from Zach. I felt like it deserved a thread, so here goes. Here is the tree as offered. Great trunk, nice bark and a good start on a nice set of branches. The pot was a gift to Zach and wasn't for sale, so it would be shipped in a nursery pot. I...
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    Flat Top Bald Cypress

    Thanks Zach. Yes I was planning to hard prune the top very soon to try to help along the lower branches. Finally got one to pop in the about the right spot on the left. Up til now, all I was getting was fronds and not an actual branch.
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    Azaleas I'm working on

    And a cutting from the tree above.
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    Azaleas I'm working on

    These are my last 2 azaleas I'm trying to develop as bonsai. Everything else has been planted around in the yard. Triple trunk Chinzan
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    Ponderosa in VA

    Update on this one. Hitting it with lots of fertilizer and sun and just letting it do its thing. Growing some long ass needles and its not done yet. I absolutely love the trunk and corky bark. My other one is struggling. It got hit with pine tip moths this spring that took out most of the...
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    Workshop Spruce Group

    This one has gone through some changes. The front tree got weaker and weaker last year and finally died. Left with 4 trees and forced with a decision, I decided to do away with the small tree on the right to make a 3 tree group. I put it on a slab this year and it's growing well. Not as nice...
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    Flat Top Bald Cypress

    Did some work carving the chop today (thanks for the nudge Zach). Figured I better get in there while I could. This is about the best I could do with my concave cutters and a knife. And all sealed up. And a shot of the whole tree for good measure.
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    Water Oak

    Thanks a lot Zach. Everything was already there when I got it from you. Little bit of wire here and there, lots of water and fertilizer and the tree took care of the rest. Best impulse buy ever!
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    Water Oak

    Summer update. Chugging along like a tank again this year. We've had a 2 week heat wave here in VA with temps in the upper 90s and oppressive humidity. This things doesn't care. Most of my other trees have stopped growing, except for this one, my hornbeam and the BC. They don't stop...
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    Mame contest idea

    Looks like @defra hasn't been around for about a month or so. Not sure if we will finish this contest or not. Here are updates of my 2 crape myrtles. The branch ends died on this one over the winter, which turned out to be good as it forced the growth in and made a more compact tree...
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    The Tree Thread

    Having fun with this one - a tulip poplar. Its going to be a big tree - at least 4 feet. The roots have now escaped the box into the ground so I'm excited to see what it does over the next couple years. It started this year at about 6 feet tall and has put on a good 3 feet of growth so far...
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