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  • Vic, I'm traveling through Bremerton and Seattle tmorrow to see Dan's place and the Rim and wanted o say hi to you and Eric
    If you get a chance please look at the pictures I posted in my thread about the Koto Hime maple. I seen your reply where you said you had one and I am not sure if this is one but it looks like the pictures I seen online, and I trust your opinion from what I have read here.

    Hi Vic, I forgot about this visitor message function, so I didn't realize you had replied a year and a half ago :) Best wishes on a wonderful holiday and 2012!


    P.S. A friend loaned me the Dan Robinson book that you worked on, and I have to say that it really is a treasure. Really well done in all aspects - narrative, pictures, etc. Congratulations!
    Hi vic, Are U still around this site? I know that you would have been to the PNBCA covention a couple of weeks ago and was wodering if you took any photos and were willing to share.
    Hay georgeous ,

    Got your book yesterday and I admit to amazement and stupification. The photography is absolutely amazing. Congradulations on a job extremely well done !!

    By the way I really am jealous that you get to work with Dan on a daily basis. In that environment no wonder you can kick but on the big C and do the bonsai you do.

    Again congradulations on a beautiful book and all my love ,
    lol... dear... I'm not fighting with Harry... I would never fight with Harry. Mostly I plead for reason... and mostly he just ignores me in his own kind way. lol But I persist... because he is worth it. He has passion, which I'll take in spades over apathy. I just regard him as too smart for some of the things he says... or at least the way he says them.
    Are you still fighting with Harry ? If so please , love , try to ignore him. In his own way hes as radical as many he dispariges and radicals can't be reasoned with.

    BTW , this is a lousey way to communicate anything meaningfull so my e-mail address is if you ever feel the need. ( to be continued )

    Peace be with you and may you be in heaven an hour before the devil even knows you're dead.
    I'm aware of the tolerance that Jesus preached and taught and I try my dambdest to practice it. Up till recently it hasn't been a problem because I've always been a minority here and my Dad was completely color blind but in the last decade it's been getting harder and harder to view Moslems as " just like anyone else ". Anger is a big irrational part of it but I have learned enough about Islam to know that the Prophet was NOT a man of piece and did not preact peace , love and understanding. I've also found from talking to a lot of GIs and their families that Islam , as interpreted by many modern moslems , is NOT a religion of piece. Sad but true. I also know enough history to know that both Judiasm and Christianity went through centuries of violence in the past so I can only hope the modern form of Islam is just their versipon of the crusades or the old testiment " holly wars ".
    ( to be continued )
    Whats suprising is that they arn't good Moslems from the point of view of Islam. They don't go to Mosk , don't observe holly days and don't pray but they still exude that air of superiority. While I was teaching I had a number of Islamic students and they were generally a pain in the ass. Most of the time you couldn't tell they were Moslems until it served them to their advantage. They took off every holly day , refused to stand for the national anthem , etc. I did have one kid who was very open about it and explained that all the Moslems he new were like that. He was 17 and had never read the Quaran ( hell I've read the darn thing ) didn't know a Muala ( holly man ) and couldn't tell you when even Ramadan was. He was in school when 9/11 occured and stayed home for an entire month. When he came back I asked him why he stayed home and he said even he was now ashamed to be Moslem. ( to be continued )
    I just read what set you off. Harry really does have a problem with Moslems. It's not an act like a lot of his sillyness. I sometimes wish he'd keep it to himself just because I'm tired of his rantingbut at the same time I have to admit that I too have developed a problem with Moslems in general. There is a whole slew of them living across the street and they ar good neighbors in that they don't really cause problems but after speeking to the father a few times it seems they are also very " hollier than thou " types. ( to be continued )
    Hay girl , did you get married ??? Tell me it ain't so. I was just drawing up divorce papers so I could move to Portland. Just kidding but did you ?
    Glad to hear you're gettin it back together. Like you while I was doin the Big C thing I really didn't think about it as THE BIG C. Now I'm having to deal with the realization that I could have checked out. Funny how that works. You'rre not really scared till you're all better.
    Thanks for the friend invite. I checked out your my space i liked your music can it be downloaded from anywhere as i would like to add it to my chill out/relaxation playlist.
    Thanks for the invite Victriana! Your email made my day! Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Bonsai Year!
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