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    Nursery Stock -Tips & Tricks-

    another fluke Here is another tree that was nursery stock.
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    Nursery Stock -Tips & Tricks-

    before and after This is a before and along the path shots, not bonsai yet still awesomepotensai
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    JBP opinions sought

    I plucked enough to show the structure off a little. I went ahead and cut the smaller of the branches I asked for opinions on. It emerged from the large branch anyway, so that was really not even a question. The second branch is too ramified in comparison to the first branch so it will be...
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    JBP opinions sought

    Here are a few pictures of a tree I have been working for a while. I have a few choices for the first branch, the larger stub with a nice secondary branch already in place or the smaller branch originating from right above the original branch. I am tempted to cut the small branch off and give...
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    Japanese Black Pine Winter Work

    Do it!!!! That new front looks much better
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    One season layering - JBP

    I have one of these layer trees. It is VERY vigorous and the nebari is awesome!
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    Future Azalea

    Eric, Where do you live? I am guessing south east US. The pictures are a tad blurry, but it appears to be a satsuki Is it growing in your yard? Do you have to collect it this spring? What size bonsai do you want this to be? What size is it now? As to where the cuts should be, the second...
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    Black Pine Air layering by Muranaka Bonsai

    I bought one of Mr. Muranaka's layered JBP's. I am very happy with it! Read his blog, he talks about how he does it in there.
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    Buttonwood Stumps...fall in my lap

    I protect mine from temps of 50 degrees or less.
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    nice bonsai video

    Very nice video
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    Shohin pine stock

    Nice trees! I bought an air layered JBP from Mr. Muranaka last year, couldn't be happier with it.
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    Keep it or Cut it?

    I agree with rockm about the left leader. I think the lower branch you question looks good in spring, but it does seem a little out of place when dormant. I would have to do a lot of looking at the tree with a cloth covering that branch to make a decision. Good Luck with your choice.
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    Grafting RMJ with Shimpaku (IMBEDDED PHOTOS)

    Vic, thank you for answering my questions. I am going to use this technique next year.
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    Grafting RMJ with Shimpaku (IMBEDDED PHOTOS)

    I just found this thread and am wondering how the grafts are doing? I see the grafts were done in July of last year, do you recommend this time of year for warmer climates or would spring be better for florida?
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    trunk line opinions

    Update ..... I bit the bullet and cut the trunk down, I still need to taper the very top of the trunk to blend the taper in better. Then start growing branches to fill the tree out. Thanks again Brent for growing such superior material!
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