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    $60 Yard Sale Haul!!!!

    LOL> i was wondering if you were in the forum.. there you are!! :) skip
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    70+ trees need good home

    you didn't say no... ;)
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    Japanese Maple For Sale

    Thats beauty!! you did great work with it!! Good Luck With Sale!
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    Seed Grown Scots Pine

    Oh my!! can't wait to see the rest of your collection.. Good Luck With Sale.
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    What to do, when to do it and on what species to manage growth in pines in bonsai

    lots of knowledgeable people in this thread.. it would be awesome to see videos from other members!
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    The fastest way to develop deciduous bonsai: Walter Pall's hedge pruning method explained

    i was at Rosenberg two weeks ago for first time.. i don't know about going to Lufkin.. LOL
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    The fastest way to develop deciduous bonsai: Walter Pall's hedge pruning method explained

    i didn't know Texas had another bonsai nursery .. but santa fe.. thats a drive from austin.. LOL *looking at your facebook page*
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    Virginia Pine (Christmas Tree Farm)

    The Farm just emailed me!.. they said they could probably do something and get back to them 2nd week of December.. seems like a great time.. SWEET! i'm pumped!
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    Yamadori pines

    The pines I have now.. Are JBP and Loblolly (grow locally).. Looking to add Virgina Pine.. They are used almost exclusive by the 2 Christmas tree farms here.. So I know these will grow well in my area.. So that's my intent at moment...
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    Yamadori pines

    what are some quick pointers for my novice eye for "good stuff" vs "trash".. i have been in the discus hobby for sometime.. so i have an eye for that.. small trees not so much
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    Alternative pine for texas

    Getting into upper 20s might be the lowest we get
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    Virginia Pine (Christmas Tree Farm)

    @Adair M . yeah.. I know.. Forgot my air quotes.. 😆
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    Four Seasons Annual Show

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    Virginia Pine (Christmas Tree Farm)

    My co worker next to my cubicle works there.. i asked him what they do with the LEFTOVER Trees in an area that was used for the season that no one wanted.. he said they just plow them over for a future crop.. those just might be the ones to bargin for :)
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