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    Winter Silhouette Bonsai Show, Kannapolis, NC - Dec 7-8, 2019​

    There was a Washington hawthorne in fruit displayed and I was wondering if you knew the person who owned it. Ive been working with that specie for many years and have been unsuccessful in getting mine to flower and fruit. If I could talk to that owner he or she could steer me in the right direction.--Corrado Vasquez
    Hi bill,
    have not received my second issue yet on your magazine. seems too late, so expect a delievery problem. pls advise. also sincerely wanted to get a kinbon mag with chojubai article. Could you please advise both items.

    dick benbo
    know you have to be busy, but sure would like to know if you had an extra kinbon magazine you could sell me from may that had the chojubai article?
    best regards

    dick benbow
    Thank you for the Kobai flowering apricots -- they've arrived healthy and have bloomed out beautifully!
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