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    American Shohin Bonsai Society???

    I'd like to hear from those of you who may know about the ASBS and what may have happened to it. I paid for a year membership and never received a newsletter or anything. They had a nice website but now it no longer exists. They have a facebook site, but nothing has happened or posted since...
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    Blackspot on Elms...

    Thank you rockm for the clarifications.
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    Blackspot on Elms...

    Interesting read Rockm... There is no need for me or anyone to be defensive. I was stating your keen observation regarding the leaves that have already begun to bud and grow as to where I am living in Chicago. As an indoor bonsaist, I'm quite happy with how my collection is progressing, and...
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    Blackspot on Elms...

    Thanks Norm for your informative reply. Everyday with tweezers I pick off infected leaves so as to try and keep them from infecting the soil. mcpesq817, I too have corkbark elms with older & thicker leaves. I agree that it is much hardier in its resistance to blackspot. Michael, I've had...
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    Blackspot on Elms...

    With the new leaf growth coming, one of my Yatsubusa Elms is showing signs of the fungal problem of Blackspot. I've begun a regime of total spraying of both sides of the new foliage every 3rd day for three weeks now and the problem continues, albeit not as much. I've quarantined it in a separate...
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    Leftover Chinese banyan

    Aloha Duane, With that chop, I'm seeing a big broad Banyan, like the ones at Iolani Palace or Ala Moana Beach park, with those nice aerial roots. That's got some good potential in it. No give'm away just yet.
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    Happy New Year!!!!!

    Many thanks Irene! Wishing you a healthy, prosperous, and most joyous New Years as well.
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    New Tropical Chopped

    It's been almost two months after your chop. Any new growth yet?
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    Indoor Elms

    Yes rockm, I would agree that there is no substitute for actual daylight. I have been growing my Chinese elms indoors for a couple of years. I'll continue to share my progresses and failures. Thanks for your informative remarks.
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    Indoor Elms

    I must say that I'm not trying to be polemic, but there are people out there who raise some terrific bonsai indoors and some for many years. My most humble apologies for being so unsemantic and generalizing Elms. As I wrote, they can be "either or..." I should add that some of the Elms you...
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    Indoor Elms

    Elms are truly unique in that they can be either indoor or an outdoor bonsai. As there are different species of Elms, some of the ones used for bonsai are indeed subtropical and being so do not need a dormancy period. In essence, they are evergreen deciduous trees, as they do not drop their...
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    Indoor Elms

    Elms do quite well indoors... As an indoor bonsai enthusiast, I've had very good experiences with my Elms indoors. They are very hardy trees and if you set-up and keep a light bench, and keep them well watered, you should be able to keep them just fine for many years. The key is: setting-up...
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    Hollow Creek Bonsai

    Every purchase I've made with them has been a very good one. They ship ASAP, and everything I've ordered has arrived in great shape. I'm a very happy customer of theirs, Thanks Fred. (and no, I wasn't paid to say this. Everything I've ordered I'm very happy with.)
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    Good Times

    Duane, Nice catch on the Olive shohin. Looking forward to seeing more pics... Me ke aloha pumehana, ~ Brudda Tom
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    How to encourage branching?

    I would agree with those who say to develop the trunk more. Don't chop it yet. Ficus will back bud many times over, so you will have an abundance of branches to choose from after the trunk gets to where you'd like it to be. This will take a few years at least, the more time, the thicker the...
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