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    BIG Bonsai!

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    Best sources for good annealed copper wiring?

    Quenching makes no difference to pure copper, as there is no dissolved carbon in the microstructure. It will not affect the resulting softness, quench or no quench. Quenching affects steel/iron due to dissolved carbon, and the effect that has on a microstructure that has been rapidly cooled. The...
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    Sunrise/sunset/sky photos thread

    My home town sunset on: Monday..... Tuesday..... Yesterday.....
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    Some bonsai folks have guns

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    Some bonsai folks have guns

    Oh touche…… ;)
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    Do established bonsai guidelines stifle creativity?

    Not joking. Have you ever been and visited? I have been a few times, and most of the branching is nothing like the "rules"... though from a picture it appears to be.
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    Do established bonsai guidelines stifle creativity?

    Go and see Kokufu-ten...… barely a tree on show that conforms to the rules.
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    The Dumbest Bonsai Video I've Ever Seen!

    I don't get the name?
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    Most go straight for the bonsai when in Japan. Me, I go straight for the gourmet KitKat's

    First thing I go straight for is the beer.
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    Kifu JBP

    Very nice tree. ;)
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    for all of us DE fans......

    I have been using DE for years here in Oz (called "diatomite"), as it has been near impossible to source Akadama, and diatomite is relatively cheap (we have a couple of mines here). It is porous, and has good cationic exchange properties like akadama, and also retains water like akadama...
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    Are you a bouger?

    Yeah, it has started rolling over, but too big to ever heal I think - will rot before it heals over. However, the wound under the trunk base will rot first - the drawback of Bougies. Probably a logical reason for lack of multi-generational-aged trees of this species. 2 options - rotate for a new...
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    Are you a bouger?

    Collected 2014: 2017:
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    Diatomaceous Earth, If you could have...

    I have been using it here for years - No.3 is about the size we get here, and would be my choice. No.2 is too fine. Agree with milehigh, and that is from experience in a hot climate.
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    Fungus or scale on bejimina

    From someone who lives in an area where figs grow in the wild - moisture is not as necessary as warmth. In fact, I let my figs dry out a little, and don't keep them constantly wet - they like a damp, very "airy" soil to let oxygen to the roots, a tonne of fertiliser, and warmth, warmth, warmth...