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    Central Cal. Bonsai Swap meet

    See you all there.
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    Antique Japanese Root Stand & Shohin JBP

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    Central Cal. Bonsai Swap meet

    From our club calendar 12/04: 4th Annual Bonsai Yard Sale I assume it is the same location but I havn't been to a meeting this season so I can't be certain.
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    Bonsai Bird Nest!

    That is wonderful. I would be so honored if a bird nested in one of my trees!
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    In Case You Missed the Announcement

    Will they be for sale at the convention in Washington? I will be coming up and staying with Vic and Eric. I would love to buy one then:)
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    US National Exhibition Entry - Satsuki

    Absolute congratulations my dear!
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    Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection - RE-OPENED

    Is the Rim collection anywhere close to your convention?
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    Collected Azalea pushing growth

    Hey Griz, is the can of lighter fluid next to the azalea motivation (threat) for it to put out new growth?
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    US National Exhibition Entry - Satsuki

    Oooooohhhhhhh! Very nice
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    US National Exhibition Entry - Satsuki

    Veeerrryyy nice. I see many buds on the azalea. That is wonderful. I hope they are open at just the right timing. Are you driving the tree there? Will you be keeping the car pretty cool and wearing layers? The kusamono is beautiful. The tips of red on the grass and the edges of the...
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    Bonsai Bench

    I was thinking you could water some stones on that shelf too, to develop a nice patina.
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    Pondy & RMJ Collecting

    Great story. Glad you are both safe.
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    Zelkova training

    The benefit of the clamp is the ability to use it on older trees. No cutting tile. Great idea!!
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    12th Annual Michigan All State Show

    I don't see an Ichiban in the hands of any of em. Would have been a great marketing opportunity. Three of a Kind looks like an interesting demo to watch. By the smiles I'd say you all enjoyed the show.
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    MABA Convention 2010

    Countin on it!!!!;)
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