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    Kokonoe JWP Cascade

    Awesome! I've been a big fan of this pine for a long time:)
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    Kokonoe JWP Cascade

    This is a nice one! Is it yours?
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    Field growing vs colanders, raised growing beds?

    Since the OP is currently apprenticing in Japan and this is an older thread now, I sure would love to hear if he has any opinions or techniques he's learned for growing trunks? @bleumeon Personally i've been experimenting with field growing, raised beds, container growing, colanders, and...
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    Moving to Charlotte NC!

    De Def look up Tyler Sherrod and Danny Coffee, not sure how far they will be from you, but both very talented and solid teachers.
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    Ume anticipation...

    This one is for sale on Ebay right now for $1,750. I bought one from the same guy a couple years ago and it's doing really well. Hard to find good Ume in the US
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    How's the quality of tools made by American Bonsai?

    It's interesting that it says their tools are made in the US on their site now and that they told Adair they were made in China. I asked the vendors at the 2017 GSBF booth for "American Bonsai" where they were made and they said they were not allowed to tell me that. This turned me off a bit...
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    How's the quality of tools made by American Bonsai?

    Does anyone else think it's odd that there's a company called American Bonsai which makes tools that are not made in America. Pretty sure they are made in China. This is coming from a Chinese American who bought their Star Wars themed shirt at a convention because it looked cool. There...
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    Japanese Apricot, kumquat, and flowering plum

    I believe it's in TX, I purchased online, i've never been to the nursery.
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    Japanese Apricot, kumquat, and flowering plum

    I'm guessing that the Japanese Apricot/Plum you are referring to is Prunus Mume, or "Ume." This tree flowers in late winter without leaf and is prized for the contrast in old rough bark, deadwood and beautiful flowers. The confusing part is that Ume is related to both apricot and plum and...
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    PH lvl 7.5 on my water? is that passable or hard?

    Nice article from Bonsai Tonight on lowering PH. I use a Dosatron and PH Down to lower my water's PH.
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    Incredibly Gorgeous, thank you for sharing!
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    I would pay $20,000, sacrafice my first born, and cut off my arm

    Newest pic, i'm really happy with the development on this one so far. Hope it continues to go smoothly. Collected 2015, worked with Peter Tea on this two days ago.
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    mirai sale

    Respect. Do you have any info or a link to Zach Smith or a link? I'm familiar with Alvaro, but not Zach.
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    GSBF in Riverside

    Hope we can see some pics of the GSBF this year:) Unfortunately i'm going to miss this year, but I should be at 2020.
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    mirai sale

    Is true, it's just so much harder to find high quality Deciduous in the US because it takes so long to develop them, there's very limited Importation and a lot less Deciduous collecting going on. I believe over the next 20ish years we'll start to see some super high quality US container/field...
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