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    ysrgrathe's contest entry thread

    Pines are just over 2 years old now. Today I repotted a handful from 10" pots to 12.5" pots. Same process for all of them: combed out just the last 1/2" or so from the sides using a root hook used a 3-prong rake to gently tease out the matted bottom roots used bent-nose tweezers to comb out...
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    I cannot get rid of these dang mealy bugs!!!!!!!!!!

    I have found dormant sprays are an important way to get ahead of mealybugs on maples. You can also buy ladybugs to eat them but unless you keep them in a greenhouse I'm not sure it is worth it.
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    Teach me about pots

    As was mentioned earlier, epoxy is your friend. If it is in <7 large pieces it can usually be repaired. It's only when it is shattered or you lose large chunks to powder that it is truly impossible. This pot for example is still going strong years later. Can you tell it was broken? Of...
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    Piggyback question on freezing.

    Fans only help under specific conditions (inversion). I doubt normal fans would even work properly even in the appropriate conditions. A large percentage of heat loss is often radiative loss so the good news is that in marginal conditions the awning is providing shielding from the coldness of...
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    Bordeaux mix?

    In the US it is now difficult to find lime sulfur listed as a horticultural spray. However you can still find it as pet dip -- lime polysulfide 28%. You might want to look into that.
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    Rick's 6 yr JBP contest entry

    I went larger based on results from the previous year. (I think the 10" ones) But I'm no expert!
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    fall lime sulphur with leaves still on

    Try myclobutanil. And 2mL is too little, try 30:1.
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    Coral Bark Maple

    I like your plan. While the existing nebari is unconventional, I agree that it adds character, especially in the profile view.
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    New to Maples: Development Question????

    Any branches you grow now will likely become too thick for the final design anyway, so better to grow trunk and worry about branches later in my opinion. Tridents backbud very easily.
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    Why is Our Selling Forum So Dead

    By the time I see it it's usually gone. I don't browse new posts, I usually just read a few specific forums. It might help if there were integrated features to track bids. Since the forum is low volume I feel like things are underpriced (and sell instantly), overpriced (never sell), or if the...
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    Broom-style Zelkova

    Any updates on this one?
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    Is this desirable?

    I'm guessing mechanical damage. It won't hurt the tree -- we do this intentionally all the time when we create shari! If you let the branch grow freely it will close up in a year or two.
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    Problem solving: The case of the out-of stock colander

    Colanders are the best way to grow pines. As Paul said, it induces ramification so you get fine feeder root instead of large circling roots. Tigerchef sells Thunder Group as well, I use the plastic wash baskets. They have small holes so you don't lose soil, even the small stuff on top...
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    acer palmatum ryusen

    This is all opinion, so decide for yourself what you like! I think the point being made was the natural form of this tree is likely closer to one of Bill's semi-cascade type trees.
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    acer palmatum ryusen

    I think you missed his point: he was saying the way the tree was staked doesn't look like the natural curvy habit. Same thing with kouyou's post which was about form, not cultivar.
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