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Tutorial Compiled Vance Wood on Mugo Pines

Compiled Posts by Vance Wood on Mugo Pines

UPDATED 5/20/2018

Vance, I have gathered posts you made on B-Nut over the years from the archives. I have consolidated this info below. I appreciate your sharing...
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Thanks Lazy Lightning for going to the trouble of compiling all this... And thanks Vance for putting in the time to learn and to share ! Kevin
Thank you all!
Only information on the mugo pine as a bonsai on the Internet.
It can't be easy digging through all the turds to find the gold ones in the Nut House, good job! And much credit to Vance for endlessly sharing his knowledge and experience with us all!
Comprehensive & well explained. Best mugo resource on the internet.
Thank you!
Just what I was looking for

Really great
Exactly what I have been needing for a solid resource on Mugo's. Now for every other tree I have please...
Thank you!
Thanks, but it's all Vance!
Vance is a master of the Mugo. Mugos are a vastly underrated tree, and they are more affordable than the overpriced Japanese white and black pines. Unfortunately, Bonsai has become a big business. Mugos are a great tree and they allow everyone to participate; not just people with money or those that want fame. Vance has experimented for years on this tree, which has given us incredibly valuable information. Thank you, Vance!
Excellent read/write up. I'll prob read it again before bed
Thank you everyone.