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Article Focal Point Bonsai Design

The images supplement the original article well to explain the concept
thnx for this Great tutorial with allot usefull information and Great explaination with those examples with beautifull trees deffenatly going to try and remember the next time i attempt styling a tree
Good bones and character that is definitely eye catching before ones eyes rest on foliage. LOVE THIS! Great concept that I was sort of falling into the lines of...with this just grounding that notion and bringing clarity. Thanks again Will for a well written piece.
Good info, thanks for sharing! This is a very simple way to think about viewing- and designing- bonsai. It seems so much of the focus of what we read about is centered on refining shape and foliage, and your point is that it is almost saying that is by far the least important part and if you don't have something striking to build around.. You don't really have a good Bonsai.
Good information.
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